Baki Season 2 Trailer From Netflix Brings Back All The Pain
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Netflix Anime Baki Season 2 Trailer Brings Back All The Pain

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BY April 25, 2022

Netflix finally dropped the much-anticipated trailer for the second season of the fighting anime, Baki. With season 1 ending over a year ago, there has been a noticeable void when it comes to MMA-style action anime in Netflix’s library. The raw and gritty hand to hand combat part of Baki‘s appeal is not easily replicated with other titles.  With the season 2 trailer, fans can start their countdown to the new season of this impressive anime.

Who Is Baki The Grappler?

Baki The Grappler is an original manga series that debuted in 1991. Since its start, Baki was a popular manga series, with many anime and video game adaptations. Generally lesser known than some of the classic anime, such as Dragon Ball or Pokemon, the show enjoys a massive fan following nonetheless. 2001 saw Baki’s first anime adaptation which continued for 2 seasons from another studio. Netflix announced in 2018 it’s plans to adapt the manga’s second series of books into an original anime. The season 1 adaptation of Most Evil Death Row Convicts was a huge success. And the Baki season 2 trailer showcases a tournament of epic proportions.

Baki Season 2 Trailer Has Less Story And More Beatdowns

Baki season 2 trailer image. Image via Netflix.

It’s hard to tell from the Baki season 2 trailer what exactly the story is. It stands to reason that the marketing is for hardcore fans of the niche anime, more so than casual audiences. The story of Baki The Grappler is about a young fighter named Baki, training to become the best. On his quest, he meets and challenges many other fighters, including his own father. But after his did defeats him, the broken Baki still continues his training. It’s not until he stumbles upon an underground fighting ring, that his career takes off. The first Baki anime focused on this journey, but the Netflix original anime was more specific. Season 1 focused on the rise of Baki and the matches between and others. As Baki garners more praise, new opponents challenge him, including some intense convicts on death row.

The Triumphant Return Of Baki In The Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for Baki season 2 plays out very much like an announcement. It announces the return of the titular Baki, as he fan-favorite hero. The trailer then shows off the new array of fighters that he will (presumably) go up against. The rest of it are snippets of the amazing action sequences and beatdowns that makes Baki so beloved. The series is very much like the classic arcade fighting games Street Fighter or Tekken. It’s highly entertaining with incredible action, colorful characters, and an underdog hero. But the Baki season 2 trailer still feels much lighter and shorter than a full trailer.

Netflix Announced Baki Season 2 Trailer But No Release Date Yet

The official account for Netflix’s sci-fi shows, NX announced the season 2, along with new key art. Fans on social media cheered the announcement. As with many of Netflix’s announcements, it came with little warning. The release of the season 2 trailer on Baki’s official Youtube channel soon followed. Despite the surprise, the trailer does not say when the season premieres. It’s definitely coming out in 2020, but there is no mention of an exact date. This makes me think that there may be a longer full trailer on the way. One that puts forth more of the story of Baki season 2, than just random fight scenes.

Baki Season 2 arrives on Netflix later in 2020.

What did you think about Baki season 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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