Godzilla Singular Point Anime Teaser Trailer Is A Total Throwback
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Godzilla Singular Point Anime Teaser Trailer Is A Total Throwback To The Franchise

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BY April 25, 2022

The ever-expanding world of Netflix grows even bigger as they ready themselves for Godzilla! After the Pacific Rim anime series, there’s another massive monster anime coming to the streamer. The new show gives us a first look through the Godzilla Singular Point anime teaser trailer and it’s quite the well-made. With the plethora of feature films in the franchise, this will be the first series showcasing the giant monster. And the teaser trailer does a great job of homaging those previous iterations but with new visuals.

Godzilla Singular Point Anime Teaser Trailer Looks Exciting And Frenzied

Godzilla Singular Point teaser trailer monster. Image via Screen Grab.

Along with the new series, there is also a three-part anime movie about Godzilla currently on Netflix. But the series looks like it goes to painstaking lengths to separate itself from any other iteration or other anime, as well. The Godzilla Singular Point anime teaser trailer almost feels like a classic anime, given its aesthetic and tone.

The teaser doesn’t provide much story, but definitely creates excitement for the upcoming anime series. It’s mostly a flurry of images and sequences from the show. There are regular scenes of people panicking, city-wide destruction, and massive monsters just all over the place. So basically, the typical images expected from a show about Godzilla. It’s interesting to see that the makers are not shying away from showing all kinds of popular other monsters from the Godzilla franchise.

The Godzilla Anime Feels Like A Total Throwback

Godzilla Singular Point teaser trailer character. Image via Screen Grab.

The best part about the new Godzilla anime teaser trailer is how it feels like a classic throwback. The entire vibe of the teaser looks like it’s from one of the classic Toho Godzilla movies from the 70s. Despite the polished anime style, the colors are muted and dull, and the character designs look not overly stylized, or too extravagant. The simple and restraint styling of the characters and the setting is impressive. Especially given how most anime these days are going the CG anime style, which has been mostly misses than hits at this point.

The retro vibe of the Godzilla Singular Point anime teaser trailer is further cemented by how the teaser ends. The loud and blaring music and monster screeches juxtaposed with the extreme zoom out of the title card… is exactly how Godzilla movies in the 70s opened. While it was exciting enough to have a Godzilla anime series releasing in the first place, the fact that it looks and behaves like classic Godzilla is probably the most hype-worthy aspect of the show. So far.

Still No Godzilla In The Godzilla Anime Teaser

Godzilla Singular Point teaser trailer flyer Image via Screen Grab.

One thing about the new teaser is the lack of Godzilla itself. The new series only gives us a very quick blink-and-miss tease of the titular creature, right at the end. This is smart, given that it’s a teaser only, but hopefully the show won’t go the same route. The biggest criticism against Gareth Edwards’ live-action 2014 Godzilla reboot was the total lack of Godzilla himself. So here’s hoping the new  anime series leans into the lead character of the show, allowing him to be large and in charge.

Godzilla Singular Point anime releases on Netflix in 2021.

Are you more or less excited for the new Godzilla anime after seeing the new teaser? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image via Netflix.

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