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We’re Getting A College Spinoff Of The Boys

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BY September 28, 2021

Amazon’s The Boys now has even more in common with its contemporary hero narratives X-Men and Sky High: they’re going to school. Amazon has confirmed a college spinoff of The Boys because the real hero is a well-rounded education. 

Taking The Boys to School 

The unnamed spinoff is going to be set at a college for supes sponsored by Vought. The series will  look into the lives of young “hormonal, competitive superheroes as they put their physical, sexual and moral boundaries to the test.” In a move that seems alarmingly true to the actual factual college experience, the series will be driven by these heroes battling for the best contracts in the best cities. It sounds like that perfect cross section between My Hero Academia and pretty much any college movie before 2010. 

Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters have taken up the spinoff as showrunners. You may recognize their names from Agent Carter or Law and Order. If you had any hesitation about these two as showrunners for a spinoff of The Boys, being able to run a gritty hero drama and a series that saw more grotesque murders than boys’ night out with Homelander should be comforting. 

The Boys spinoff Image via Amazon Prime Video.

Spinoff Predictions

This college spinoff is going to be within the same world as The Boys, but it is set to be distinctly its own. It will have its own tone, style, and ensemble of “deadly Young Supes.” This is an exciting direction that also sounds like another way of saying it won’t be as fate-of-the-world as The Boys. Also I’m just going to call that somebody is going to die during a Supe game of beer pong, probably when someone tries to throw an SUV into a red solo cup. If nothing else, there’s probably going to be a lot of supes getting up to all sorts of nude shenanigans and becoming the narrative successor to The Boys upcoming Herogasm.”

 It’s not confirmed whether or not any of the characters from The Boys will make an appearance. However, there’s such a good setup for that to happen. Homelander would absolutely be a keynote speaker. If this happened before the event of The Boys, Transluscent would absolutely be a sage-on-the-stage smug professor that hasn’t even looked at his own syllabus. The Deep could make a cameo on the cover of some assigned reading called From Seven to Zero: Stories of Washed Up Heroes. 

What are you hoping to see in the college spinoff of The Boys? Tell us in the comments!

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