Kevin Spacey trial 2023: Alleged Touching Testimony From Accuser
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Kevin Spacey Trial 2023: Alleged Touching Shocking Testimony From Accuser

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BY July 3, 2023

The trial against Kevin Spacey in 2023 is about to begin. The actor faces seven counts of sexual assault, three counts of indecent assault and two other charges. In the process, the jury looks at evidence and testimonies that the alleged victims recorded of the actor’s actions.

The most recent was a video of a police interview with one of Spacey’s alleged victims. This one told the officers how the actor sexually assaulted them, detailing all the facts and actions the accused did. He also mentioned that he had to defend himself when the actor grabbed him so tightly that he almost fainted.

Video of the Alleged Victim in the Kevin Spacey Case Shown

House of Cards' Suspended After Kevin Spacey Allegations, Netflix Says Image: Netflix

In the trial that is taking place at Southwark Crown Court against Kevin Spacey, the jury saw new relevant information. This was a police video of one of the victims who stated that he was assaulted more than ten times by the actor. He indicated that the defendant grabbed his penis at least 5 to 6 times and allegedly assaulted him 5 to 6 more times.

In the victim’s video, whose name is anonymous, he states that the events took place at Spacey’s company. He also indicated that he grabbed him in his private parts and tried to grope him several times, making him uncomfortable.     

The alleged victim also said that Spacey grabbed him so hard on his member that he almost fainted. He also emphasized that he had to push him to stop the aggression and threatened the actor with knocking him out if he touched him again. To conclude the statement, the man indicated to the police officer that Spacey replied that it turned him on a lot. Part of the alleged victim’s statements were:

“He assaulted me when I was with him in his company. Then grabbed me in private areas and then tried to get my hands on him. He would try to grope me and try to grab me and make me feel very uncomfortable, grabbing me so hard I almost came off the road. He grabbed me really hard and it really hurt. I pushed him against the door and said ‘don’t do that again or I will knock you out'”.

The statement ended: “Obviously being a ‘man’s man’ and a professional, I found it quite eerie and just awkward. He made me feel so awkward and uneasy.”

Kevin Spacey Trial 2023, Will The Actor Go to Jail?

Spacey allegations cast doubt on final 'House of Cards' season | Financial Times Image: Netflix

Faced with the statements and videos presented by the prosecution in Kevin Spacey’s 2023 trial, Spacey’s defense lawyer, Patrick Gibbs QC, suggested that his client’s actions may have sexually aroused the man. However, the man responded that he was not at all aroused, just uncomfortable and upset by the actor’s actions.

Spacey’s lawyer asked about his reaction, and the man said he was embarrassed and upset about what happened. Subsequently, Gibbs asked about what happened between the actor and the alleged victim, and he replied that nothing happened, just that he sexually assaulted him. He emphasized that he has no feelings towards the defendant other than annoyance at the assault he received.

The jurors heard all these statements from the first of the four victims of Kevin Spacey’s alleged assault. Only three days into the trial against the actor and everything seems quite dark for him. Despite the situation, the defense lawyer declared they would be victorious, and the jury would hear pure lies from the alleged victims.

The Kevin Spacey trial will continue in 2023 with the statements of the other three victims and the presentation of evidence against Spacey. This process will take approximately one month to conclude the allegations against the actor. 

Featured Image Via Netflix 


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