Daniel Radcliffe Watch The Bachelor, Love Is Blind With His Girlfriend
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Daniel Radcliffe And His Girlfriend Watch The Bachelor, Love Is Blind

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BY March 25, 2022

Few people would’ve thought that Daniel Radcliffe watches The Bachelor and Love Is Blind. It appears as though the Harry Potter actor is a reality TV fan, however. As he claims, Daniel Radcliffe and his girlfriend watch the two shows “unironically,” with the actor saying that they love the two shows.

The star made the claims during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, noting that the two shows were his “guilty pleasures,” although he prefers not to use that term. Instead, he says that he enjoys them, and has done for a while. He admits, however, that he still hasn’t seen the most recent season of The Bachelor, saying:

“I hear it was mental, the end anyway.”

Daniel Radcliffe And His Girlfriend Love The Bachelor, Love Is Blind

Daniel Radcliffe And Helena Bonham Carter Reconnected At Harry Potter Reunion Image by Bridget Laudien via Wikimedia Commons


The actor, best known for portraying the titular character in the Harry Potter franchise, elaborated on his love of reality television. As he claims, Daniel Radcliffe and his girlfriend don’t see them as guilty pleasures and hasn’t used the term in years, claiming:

“I don’t really believe in ‘guilty pleasures.’ At one time I would have referred to my love of reality TV and The Bachelor as a ‘guilty pleasure,’ but I now just have to admit that I’m unironically enjoying it. So I guess that.”

The fact that Daniel Radcliffe watches The Bachelor isn’t the only surprising news; he’s also a big fan of Love Is Blind. When asked about the show, he noted that his girlfriend – Erin Darke – was the one who initially introduced him to it. It wasn’t long before he quickly fell in love with the show, however. As he elaborates:

“Erin got me into it initially, but now I have to own the fact that I’m also like, ‘Hey, you wanna put on Love Is Blind?'”

Daniel Radcliffe Watches The Bachelor With Longtime Girlfriend

The Harry Potter star met his beau in 2012 while filming Kill Your Darlings. Based on interviews that both of them have done, it appears as though they’ve been deeply in love throughout that time. In 2019, for example, Radcliffe noted how doing even the most boring of tasks with Drake is “awesome,” saying:

“Doing the most mundane stuff, like just going shopping, with her is just a joy. It’s fun. I never thought I would find going to the supermarket like a genuinely fun experience — and it sounds very sad, I’m sure, to all your viewers. But it’s the joy that that person can bring to the activities that, like, if they weren’t there, you could be doing the exact same thing and it would suck. But them being there just makes it awesome.”

Radcliffe stars in The Lost City alongside Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Brad Pitt. The action comedy premieres on March 25.

What do you think of the fact that Daniel Radcliffe watches The Bachelor and Love Is Blind? Are you surprised? Did you think that Daniel Radcliffe and his girlfriend would love the shows? Let us know in the comments!

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