Batman Forever Schumacher Cut, Kevin Smith Has A Copy
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Kevin Smith Says He Has A Copy Of Batman Forever Schumacher Cut

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BY June 21, 2023

Kevin Smith invited the public to watch a streaming broadcast of a pair of Batman movies. The first was Batman Returns, Tim Burton’s last production of The Dark Knight. However, the second movie he mentioned was the one that impressed audiences and is Batman Forever (1995), but not the version we saw in theaters. Smith claims to have the Batman Forever Schumacher cut. According to his comments, it has much more content and adds some additional backstory to this production.

Kevin Smith talks about Batman Forever Schumacher Cut

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In a post, Kevin Smith said he has a Batman Forever Schumacher Cut copy. He also indicated this on the Fat Man Beyond podcast, noting that this version is longer than the original. He also told the program host that he would give him a copy, although Warner could veto him and would like them to watch it together to do a review on his show. On this, Smith indicated:

“Probably shouldn’t be talking about this. Warner Bros going to take my ticket away, but I’m gonna slip you a f***ing copy,”

It should be noted that the version we saw in the theater of Batman Forever is 2 hours and 2 minutes. This film left the gothic style that Tim Burton had placed in the character and shows a more comic style as presented by Adam West. However, Joel Schumacher’s extended or parallel version makes one think that his vision of this iconic hero was different.

In fact, in an initial description Smith made about this edition, he emphasizes that the character is darker and shows some of the traumas that led him to become Batman. He also indicated that its running time is noticeably longer, at approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Other Details of Val Kilmer’s Never-Before-Seen Batman Cut

Is Batman Forever a sequel to Batman Returns? | I'll Get Drive-Thru Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Kevin Smith revealed some details of Batman Forever Schumacher Cut besides those already mentioned. He indicated that there were a lot of cuts, such as the film’s introduction, where they added 15 minutes, showing Two-Face’s escape from Arkham Asylum. He also indicated that they showed a giant monster or thing, which according to him, was a bat, highlighting that it would have been great to see it on the big screen.

However, the fact that Smith has more relevance and occupies more time is the story of the protagonist, Bruce Wayne. In this part of the story, they showed the traumatic effects that caused him to become the Dark Knight. This kind of scene was out of place for the plot they wanted to reflect in this version. So it’s logical that they removed it.

Smith confirms that this cut really exists, and the question arises if it will ever be seen. He invited the public to a streaming broadcast of this movie and Batman Returns, which may be a unique opportunity. According to the information in its publication, it will start the transmission at 8 pst, at 11 est. Another concern that generates the emergence of this Batman Forever Schumacher cut is the reaction that will have the major owner about it.

Warner Bros. is already upset enough with the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Yet, this movie only came out on HBO MAX. Plus, they are looking to do away with anything to do with the Snyderverse and make way for James Gunn’s new plan.

Featured Image Via Kevin Smith YouTube / Warner Bros. Pictures

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