Henry Cavill Not As Superman Anymore In Latest Social Media Exchange
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All Hopes For Henry Cavill As Superman In More DCEU Movies May Be Dashed!

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BY April 28, 2022

Henry Cavill’s Superman contract with Warner Bros may have finally lapsed. A new exchange on social media claims that Cavill will not be Superman anymore. Not now. Not anymore. Or at least, that’s what a noted journalist is strongly claiming. It’s bad news for fans who were always keeping some small flame of hope alive that one of our generation’s best Superman actors may return. But it looks like that might not be the case anymore. Although, besides this Twitter exchange, we still don’t have any official confirmation that Henry Cavill is not Superman anymore. 

Henry Cavill Was One Of The Best Things In DCEU

Henry Cavill not Superman League. Image via Warner Bros.

Despite the current shaky status of the DC Extended Universe, many are quick to forget that it was Henry Cavill’s Superman that kick-started this entire thing. Man Of Steel was the first movie, in what would become the DCEU. It was Zack Snyder’s first movie in the Warner Bros. playpen, which culminated in the elusive Zack Snyder’s Justice League. However, it was what Snyder set up in Man Of Steel,—the universe, the story, the themes of Gods among men—that made it all possible. 

So the possibility that Henry Cavill is not Superman anymore is upsetting to many fans. For his part, Cavill played the iconic comic book character with a quiet gravitas that wasn’t done before. Granted, Snyder’s version of the Superman character was more himself than his alter ego in Clark Kent. Which allowed Cavill’s Superman performance to be different from the others. Man Of Steel saw Cavill more as his heroic persona than the meek disguise he dons to fool others. And in that aspect, Cavill absolutely crushed the role. And it didn’t hurt that he is possibly the only actor to play the character whose physique matches that of his comic book source material.

How Warner Bros Failed This Superman

Henry Cavill not Superman Clark. Image via Warner Bros.

Despite the divisive reaction to Man Of Steel, Warner Bros still forged ahead with a shared universe of DC Comics characters. But instead of following the Marvel Studios model of giving each hero their own solo movie before combining them in a team-up movie, WB did something different. While we’re all still waiting for that Man Of Steel sequel, it actually came in the form of Cavill getting sidelined for Ben Affleck as Batman in a new movie. Cavill being a relatively new up and comer at the time, stood no chance in star stature against Affleck. Especially given that he even had to share the title with Affleck in Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. And not even top billing, which just feels intentional.

The movie also cast Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as Flash and Ray Fisher as Cyborg. In many ways, Henry Cavill’s Superman didn’t stand a chance from that moment onwards. From then on, Cavill’s Superman served as a supporting lead to service the others and the larger story. This continued in his appearance in both versions of Justice League. Fans thought they saw a bright light at the reveal of a Superman cameo in Shazam!. But that disappointingly became a stunt double in the Superman suit, with his face outside the frame on camera.

Henry Cavill Not Being Superman Is Far From A Surprise

Henry Cavill not Superman Flash. Image via Warner Bros.

To be honest, Henry Cavill not being Superman anymore is not a surprise to anyone. The end felt like it came years ago when no Man Of Steel sequel ever filled to materialize. Cavill has since moved on to bigger and better things like The Witcher franchise, Enola Holmes and the rumoured lead of the Highlander reboot. But the latest exchange on Twitter from Umberto Gonzalez seems like the final nail in the coffin confirming that Henry Cavill is not Superman anymore. 

When a Twitter user claimed that Cavill will be in The Flash along with Ezra Miller, Gonzalez was quick to put them in their place. In two separate tweets, Gonzalez refutes the claim, stating that Henry Cavill is not Superman anymore. Gonzalez is a respected film journalist who writes for The Wrap. His finality of the statement seems to put to rest any rumours about Henry Cavil’s continuation of whatever this new iteration of the DCEU would be. However, it should also be taken with an incredibly tiny grain of salt. 

While the original tweet Gonzalez responded to does mention that two sources confirmed the news, Gonzalez doesn’t seem to offer any such mention of evidence of insider information. Causing some die-hard Cavill fans to keep the light of hope shielded from this social media uproar. 

Umberto Gonzalez Claims Henry Cavill Is Not Superman 

Featured. Image via Warner Bros.

Even though you’re never supposed to do this on the internet, I scroll through the comments. And Gonzalez’s Twitter thread is full of fans who are quick to point out the other times that the journalist was less than accurate in his declarations. The instances relevant to this conversation are Gonzalez’s refuting the existence of the Snyder Cut and denial of Affleck being Batman in The Flash movie. Both claims have been revealed to be less than accurate right now. 

Although ‘wrong’ might be too strong a word, it all depends on the veracity of sources of this one reporter. Still, there’s no reason to suspect that Cavill would be under contract, especially since he’s focused on The Witcher. I guess only time will tell what happens to Henry Cavill’s Superman when The Flash releases. In the meantime though, there’s still plenty of Superman for fans. WB and J.J. Abrams are working on another Superman movie featuring a Black actor as Clark Kent. While Michael B. Jordan is developing his own HBO Max series feature Val-Zod as the titular character. And, we all know it’s more than possible that he could one day reprise the role in the future. With the multiverse, anything can happen!

Cavill will be in the upcoming The Witcher season 2 on Netflix. 

Featured image via Warner Bros. 


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