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David Corenswet, Superman In James Gunn’s Universe Displays Impressive Muscular Transformation Surpassing Henry Cavill’s Iconic Man Of Steel Physique

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BY February 13, 2024

According to fans, recent pictures suggest that David Corenswet has exceeded Henry Cavill regarding muscular development.

Getting ready for a role as iconic and emblematic as Superman on the silver screen is a task not easily comprehended by many. With the responsibility to deliver the portrayal at an unexpectedly high level, actors must ensure every aspect is meticulously addressed. Currently, David Corenswet is focusing on the physical demands of embodying the character, which poses an even greater challenge.

Fortunately, he now matches the magnitude of these responsibilities with his physique. While Henry Cavill is renowned for portraying the mighty Man of Steel with incredibly sculpted muscles, Corenswet, aiming to surpass him as the new Superman, has taken on the challenge of being equally substantial, if not surpassing. His recent images suggest that he might have exceeded his expectations with his dedicated training.

New Images Reveal David Corenswet’s Muscular Physique, Surpassing Henry Cavill Superman Look

To embody a superhero, one must mirror the physical prowess of these comic book characters known for their extraordinary physiques.

Henry Cavill exemplified this in 2013’s Man of Steel. Here he appeared remarkably muscular, and now his possible successor, David Corenswet will have to live up to it. Moreover, he may well surpass that bar in the future.

In recent photographs that have surfaced, the Hollywood star appears to be developing an exceptional amount of muscle. This is for his upcoming role as the titular superhero in Superman: Legacy. Although there were already some images showing his physical transformation for the role. Now, the latest one has convinced many fans that he may have surpassed Cavill in terms of physique.

Before taking on this role, David Corenswet possessed a svelte physique like Henry Cavill once had. However, his recent transformation undeniably places him within the realm of a superhero physique. Although some argue that it is still in the bulge phase, which explains its current size relative to the Argylle star, we expect the shear phase to bring it to a size reminiscent of its current appearance.

Therefore, this recent update has left fans curious about the eventual outcome and how it will translate to the character’s portrayal in the film.

What’s Happening in the Production of Superman: Legacy?

With the confirmation that the forthcoming movie will adhere to its initial release schedule in 2025, James Gunn has consistently provided fans with insights into the progress of Superman: Legacy.

Several weeks ago, he disclosed that the production of the upcoming film will start later this year. Additionally, Gunn has been actively sharing information about the cast involved in the project. Furthermore, the filmmaker recently unveiled a significant development regarding the storyline, indicating that the film will bypass the superhero’s origin story.

Superman: Legacy will arrive in cinemas on 11 July 2025.

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