Captain America 4 Leaks Footage That Hints At Character Death
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Captain America 4 Leaks Footage That Hints At Character Death

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BY March 29, 2023

The filming of Captain America 4, A New World Order, continues its course, and leaks are starting to arrive. In its development, we saw several updates, such as the addition of Harrison Ford, with the role of Thunderbolt Ross. Also, with the recent addition to the cast of Liv Tyler, the daughter of the general and Bruce Banner’s lover in 2008’s Hulk: The Incredible Man.

A recent leak showed several characters from the film at a funeral. Sam Wilson and Betty Ross suggest that at least one character officially passed away. This brought up several unknowns, especially who will be officially saying goodbye to the Marvel Universe, or at least the main plot, considering the possibilities of the Multiverse.

Leaked Images in Captain America 4 New Leaks Confirm a Funeral

Captain America 4 leaks Image: MCU World

In one of the leaked images from the set of the Captain America 4 movie, it denoted a funeral scene. Sam Wilson (The new Captain America) and Betty Ross, played by Liv Tyler could be seen in this. This character is the daughter of General Ross, who would be the next president of the United States in this opportunity.

Captain America 4 Image: MCU World

After these Captain America 4 leaks, we deduce that someone will die, begging the question: Who will it be? President Ross is first on the list, considering his daughter is in this event. The character would be at an advanced age and would probably not be able to withstand The Leader’s attacks in the plot of this movie.

Another likely option is that he would pass away by passing Red Hulk’s powers to another emerging character in the film. Several rumors hinted that Thunderbolt Ross would transform this red gamma giant. This character could die due to notwithstanding the transformation or passing such powers to another carrier.

Important Captain America 4 leaks suggest the cameo of Steve Rogers. This is a likely option, given that he did not appear in any other MCU production. On this occasion, Marvel Studios can end the character, considering that he was shown as old at the end of Endgame, and Chris Evans stated that he would not return to the character anymore. 

In the scene, you can see how Sam Wilson has some bandages, implying that he was in a battle recently—bringing two options. The first was between the actions of Avengers: Endgame and the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. Another occurs midway through or at the end of the film, after the culmination of a certain battle.

Other Sam Wilson’s Next Film Details

Anthony Mackie Deal To Star In Disney/Marvel's Captain America 4 Film –  Deadline

In Captain America 4, as we saw in the leaks, we will see the first appearance of two new Gamma characters. The first is the villain, The Leader, who seeks to dominate the world using his knowledge of gamma energy. There will also be Red Hulk, the alter ego of General Ross when he receives a dose of this energy.

There may also be two theories about the appearance of his daughter Betty Ross. First, her exposure is a side effect of the villain mentioned above. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that his first-born daughter may help him transform to stop the Leader, considering that only a being of gamma radiation can tolerate such energy.

As for the cast, we have Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson, Shira Haas, Harrison Ford, Emily VanCamp, Carl Lumbly, Tim Blake Nelson, Sebastian Stan and Danny Ramirez. Directing this film is Julius Onah, who previously directed Luce and Brilliance. 

The film officially opens on May 4, 2024, and while that’s coming, we’re sure to see more information about it. As the interweaving of plots to trigger the showdown between the Avengers and Kang: Conqueror of Worlds draws closer every day.

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