PS5 Breaks Sales Records to Become Biggest Console Launch of All time
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The Numbers are In – PS5 Breaks Sales Records for Console Debuts

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BY November 25, 2020

Nobody doubted the PS5 ahead of its release. Some critics, including myself, wondered if the momentum around the PS4 would carry over to the new generation. With a pandemic ongoing and a lackluster launch lineup, the PlayStation 5 could have easily floundered at launch. Instead, it ended up crushing expectations. Even with console supplies at a minimum and many pre-order gaffes, the console still ended up selling like hotcakes. With the help of launch titles like Spider-Man Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls, players felt confident knowing the best is still yet to come. As the PS5 breaks sales records to become the biggest console launch ever, just how many people worldwide ended up buying a PlayStation 5? Here’s the sales figures rundown.

The PS5 Breaks Sales Records – Who’s Suprised?

playstation plus collection ps5 breaks sales records Image Credit: Sony

In just two weeks, the PlayStation 5 outsold the PlayStation 4. That’s impressive considering the impressive debut the PS4 had at the time. In 2013, the PS4 moved 2.1 million units in its first two weeks. We don’t have the exact number of how well the PS5 sold, but Sony is declaring it to be a massive overtaking of the past record. A fun little fact to go along with this impressive feat. The PS4 sold 7.6 million units in its launch fiscal year. The PS5 is expected to surpass that fairly easily.

The sales for the PS4 came after a lackluster PS3 generation. The success of the PS4 is no doubt increasing the excitement around Sony’s next console cycle. It’s always easier to sell your console when you’re coming off of a successful round of releases. Microsoft and Xbox on the other hand have to do what Sony did after the PS3. That is, convince people to buy a console that is brand new after the last one disappointed you around every turn. It’s not easy, but Sony did it. So did Nintendo after the Wii U era.

We don’t have the numbers just yet, but they’re sure to be impressive. If the PS5 breaks sales records during a time where distribution is thwarted by COVID-19, then imagine sales after the pandemic. Hats off to you, Sony. Here’s to a great generation of gaming on the PS5.

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