The Dark Crystal Tactics Game Draws Inspiration from FF Tactics
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The Dark Crystal Tactics Game Draws Inspiration From Final Fantasy Tactics

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BY June 25, 2021

In terms of media blind spots, I was happy to finally cross The Dark Crystal off my list in 2019. Ahead of the Netflix prequel Age of Resistance, I looked to finally see what the fuss was about. The original Jim Henson Studios fantasy epic blew me away. I loved every minute of it. The Netflix prequel is great as well. The best part of the series and movie are the world in which we see our heroes fight evil. I’ve hoped to see more from the world of The Dark Crystal ever since. Now, we’re getting a The Dark Crystal tactics game for all consoles. 

The Dark Crystal Tactics is a Homage to Classic Strategy Games

In this strategy RPG title, players will control an army of Gelfling warriors. The Skeksis foes play the enemy, and in traditional strategy fashion, turn-based combat guides your every move. The game looks to be a lot like Fire Emblem (read about its history here!) or Final Fantasy Tactics. Creating a Dark Crystal game around this beloved method of gaming seems genius. People love tactics-based games, and people love The Dark Crystal world and story. Combine the two, and The Dark Crystal Tactics seems like a guaranteed success. That is, only if the game is actually playable. 

By all accounts, the game is designed to tie into the Netflix series. Stranger Things game developer Krafton is helming this title. The game features 14 characters from the show, and a ton more features of the world. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics is mainly going to follow traditional tactics class systems.

Inside the RPG Elements of the Game

The Dark Crystal Tactics Image Credit: Netflix

Like any good RPG, the game features a jobs system for each character. Given a skill set, you can apply a character to a job, and then help level up their skills. There will also be gear management, as you can apply weapons to certain characters. To be fair, none of this is revolutionary. It’s not worth hyping up the game as a huge RPG titan. That being said, this game doesn’t have to be a trendsetter. The world of The Dark Crystal is already loved. A simple tactical RPG will be more than enough to please fans. 

The game appears to have 50 levels of battle. The Dark Crystal tactics game will release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4, Xbox One, PC and Mac (via Steam.) That gives everyone a chance to play out their long awaited Gelfling versus Skeksis fantasies! 

Are you interested at all in a Dark Crystal tactics game? The game releases February 20, 2020, so let us know if you plan on picking it up! As always, keep reading Comic Years for the latest and greatest in gaming, comics, and pop culture. 

Featured Image Credit: Netflix


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