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Min Min Is The New Smash Fighter From Arms, More Costumes Announced

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BY March 15, 2021

The latest character announcement for a new Smash fighter wasn’t so much a mystery. We knew for a fact the character would come from the Arms series. Which, while we’re on that topic, go play Arms. The game is seriously a ton of fun and still somewhat alive online. Now, back to Smash. Min Min is joining the cast of fighters which many agree was the right choice. Plus, we’re getting some new costumes that show a love for other popular series. Let’s walk through everything announced in the newest Smash event.

Min Min and More – New Smash Fighter and Costumes

new smash fighter Image Credit: Nintendo

Min Min is a great choice to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Like in the game Arms from which she comes, her extendable arms are her greatest weapon. Of course, that does mean close encounters are a bit of a mismatch. The idea that players will need to keep their distance to fight well with her is a fun gameplay element. I can see all the Pichu mains now charging her to stay close and tear her apart from the inside. Long-range fighters are the hardest in my eyes to master.

We haven’t had a ton of diversity in DLC characters so far in Super Smash for Switch. Joker from Persona and Hero from Dragon Quest really kicked things off in a big way. Then, Banjo-Kazooie really blew things out of the water. The follow-up of Terry and then Byleth, yet another Fire Emblem (click here for the history of the franchise)character, really set people back. Luckily, Min-Min seems like a great step up for the next round of character packs.

New Costumes to Choose From for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

new smash fighter Image Credit: Nintendo

Along with the new Smash fighter comes new Mii Fighter outfits. The first one will be from Arms as well, one of the Ninjara. You can also get Tekken’s Heihachi, Callie and Marie from Splatoon, and most notably Vault Boy from the Fallout franchise. Sakurai, the game’s director also announced Amiibo figures for two DLC fighters. This fall, Joker from Persona 5 and Hero from Dragon Quest XI will get physical releases.

Overall, did any of the announcements wow you? If so, then let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo


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