Cowboy Bebop Live Action Adaptation Paused After John Cho’s Injury

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BY October 19, 2019

Netflix’s new original series, a Cowboy Bebop live action adaptation, is in trouble. A freak accident severely injured the show’s leading man, John Cho. Netflix shut down production for a few months until his recovery.

Netflix has been seriously upping their original anime game. With that in mind, they began production on one of their most anticipated shows, a live action adaptation of the beloved, iconic anime Cowboy Bebop.

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Cowboy Bebop Is All About Futuristic Bounty Hunters

Cowboy Bebop is one of the most revered anime of all time. The story follows a smart cracking and snarky bounty hunter on his many (mis)adventures in space. Along with a group of ragtag companions, each as bad as the next. They all have haunting pasts that they are trying to escape, in one way or another. Imagine Guardians Of The Galaxy meets Firefly, in anime, but with a looser set of moral values.

The series’ style blends a lot of genres into one. With influences rooted in science-fiction, western and noir, Cowboy Bebop is one of the very few Anime series that broke out into the West and introduced the genre to American audiences.

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Live Action Adaptation Starring John Cho

The series is another way for Netflix to become the leading streamer when it comes to anime content. Cowboy Bebop’s live action series will garner many new audiences for the streamer, especially given the talent involved.


The adaptation sees John Cho (Star Trek, Searching) in the lead role of Spike Spiegel. It should be an interesting role for Cho, given that it’s different from anything he’s done before. Making the show that much more anticipated. However, the character itself may not be the most difficult challenge for the actor.

John Cho Injured On The Set Of Cowboy Bebop Live Action Series

Deadline recently reported that the actor became injured during the shooting. The supposed ‘freak accident’ took place during a very well rehearsed stunt.

The extent of Cho’s injuries sounds severe, given the months of rehab required. The actor has already flown into Los Angeles for major surgery. During Cho’s recovery, the production has officially shut down for an estimated 7-8 months.

Netflix Shows Incredible Class During The Incident

Industry insiders say that the production was in its early stages, allowing for recasting of the role. This way Netflix can stay on budget and continue production. However, the streamer is showing incredible loyalty to Cho. A Netflix statement declared their support for Cho, confirming that they’ll wait for him to continue production. Unheard of in an industry where the bottom line is what matters.

Cho even posted a message for his fans on his Instagram, reassuring them of his well being.

Are you gonna stick it out for Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop live action adaptation? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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