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CBS All Access Will Become Paramount+ in Rebranding News

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BY September 16, 2020
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All of our streaming wars news over the past year has been about new service launches, competition numbers, or exciting new features. However, the latest news looks a little different. CBS All Access, CBS’ streaming service, is making a rebranding move and becoming Paramount+. In addition to the rebrand, they’ll be bringing along some new titles.

CBS All Access Is Becoming Paramount+

ViacomCBS announced that CBS All Access will be rebranded to Paramount+. This comes along with older news of a rebranding move to bring original content and cable shows together. You may remember the merger announcement between CBS and Viacom last summer, where the big players decided to join forces.

We think that the name change is great! It’s less of a mouthful and feels more like a streaming service rather than a way to watch cable TV shows online.

“Does everything need to end with a “+”? I asked more than a year ago in an analysis of upcoming streaming wars contenders. The answer, I guess, is yes! Paramount+ is following the lead of Disney+ and Apple TV+ in their name, but will the similarities end there? We’ll find out when the new name is changed in early 2021.

Star Trek Picard Series Premiere Picard and Dahj Image via CBS All Access

New Content Is Coming, Too!

Not only did ViacomCBS announce the name change and rebranding techniques, but they also give us more information about some upcoming original content. This will include The Offer, a scripted series about how The Godfather was made. Lioness, a spy-drama by Taylor Sheridan is also coming, along with The Real Criminal Minds, a true-crime series based on the beloved Criminal Minds.

Along with fresh content, we’ll also be getting some revivals. The Game, a successful and long-running drama, will get a revival. Behind the Music, a VH1 docuseries will be rebooted, too. This will look at some of the most popular names in music, telling untold and intimate stories.

So, what do you think about the decision to rebrand CBS All Access to Paramount+? And are any of the upcoming original series sounding promising? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Featured image via CBS.

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