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We’re Getting Two More Animated Game of Thrones Spinoffs From HBO

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BY July 23, 2021

Remember back in 2011 when Game of Thrones first aired? Remember the optimism after the first season ended, how good it felt to feel bad watching Sean Bean die in yet another fantasy franchise? Remember watching Robb Stark let his emotions get ahead of him, and the Lannisters getting ahead of King Robb? With the exception of those Stark boys, it turns out what is dead really may never die, because we’re getting two more HBO Game of Thrones spinoffs. 

What Game of Thrones Spinoffs Are We Actually Getting out of HBO?

Several! With two new projects confirmed and one scrapped, that brings us up to three, and what we know about them is as limited as Dani’s justification for broiling Varys. One animated series, House of the Dragon, has been confirmed for 2022. The series will follow the Targaryen civil war and will put faces and corpses to some of the names and stories we saw in the books and show. 

Something to look forward to from this series is the fact that it is animated. While that may feel slightly removed from the live-action series, it has some encouraging implications. Chief among them is that there were dragons during the Targaryen civil war, and if we want to get a lot of quality dragon time, animation is the way to go. Or maybe it will just make it easier for them to play with setting elements that build the world and our emotions watching it. Hopefully they make some good decisions with lighting because some folks may have gotten mad about that a few years ago. This could also be a chance for the screen-Targaryens to look a bit more alien, like their book counterparts. 

Two more HBO Game of Thrones Spinoffs Image via screengrab

Also confirmed, a series set in the Imperial China allegory Yi-Ti. Very little has been said about The Golden Empire in the books or series other than that it is mysterious, technologically advanced, and far away. What this means for the plot, characters, and beyond is completely open, but it will be neat to see more of the world beyond Westeros. 

What Are We Not Getting?

The Flea Bottom spinoff isn’t happening. As much as it sounded incredible to get a series that could definitively answer what was in the Bowls of Brown. We’ll never know because the series is as dead as the Mormonts or Jaime Lannister’s character progression. Other spinoff shows are being discussed, including one that would follow the Nymeria and the founding of Dorne. Another could potentially follow Velaryon through his voyages. Either way, it would be interesting to see more of the seafaring world explored. 

Two more HBO Game of Thrones Spinoffs Image via screengrab

It’s early in the production process for the two other Game of Thrones spinoffs we’re getting out of HBO, so that means we can all sit down and speculate wildly about what they could or should be. Some may want to see Arya’s further adventures around the world. Others may want a look at completely new characters in the prequels and the development of more of the magic systems. But maybe they’ll throw a wildcard at us and make a Rachel Ray-style baking show with the charismatic host Hot Pie. 

The entire original Game of Thrones series is available to disappoint you on HBO Max.

Are you going to watch HBO’s two new Game of Thrones spinoffs? Send us your regards in the comments below! If you want more exciting TV news, check out Meghan’s post on the recent Emmy nominations!

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