Gina Carano Carl Weathers Emotional Post After Passing Away
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Gina Carano Shares That Carl Weathers Reached Out After ‘Mandalorian’ Departure: “Didn’t Want Me To Give Up”

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BY February 3, 2024

Gina Carano, a previous cast member of The Mandalorian, wrote a sincere and detailed tribute to her Disney+ Star Wars series co-star, Carl Weathers, on Instagram, following the actor’s demise at the age of 76. Carano, who did not participate in the third season of The Mandalorian or any subsequent Star Wars spinoff due to controversial remarks made in February 2021 drawing parallels between a divided U.S. and Nazi Germany, revealed that Weathers personally contacted her after her departure.

Carano portrayed the character of bounty hunter Cara Dune throughout two seasons of The Mandalorian, while Weathers assumed the role of Greef Karga, initially a bounty hunter agent and later the High Magistrate of Nevarro. Alongside his on-screen contributions, Weathers directed nine episodes of The Mandalorian and received a nomination for Guest Actor in a Drama Series for the 2020 episode titled “Chapter 12: The Siege.”

Gina Carano Reveals Personal Outreach from Carl Weathers Post ‘Mandalorian’ Exit: “Didn’t Want Me To Give Up”

“I wasn’t in an emotional state where I could pick up the phone because of how upset I was, but we did end up speaking later on,” she writes about hearing from Weathers post her Disney dismissal.

“He was gentle, and encouraging and didn’t want me to give up, he was letting me know that he wasn’t throwing me away, he was trying to keep my hope alive in what seemed like quite hopeless scenario, he showed me he cared. That is who he was.”

“I bonded with him very closely on Mando seasons 1&2,” writes Carano, “Jon Favreau felt he would be a good mentor for me because we shared the athlete turned-actor bond, so John had him direct my first episode in season 2 of Mando.”

“I believe had we gotten to Rangers of the New Republic, Carl would’ve directed me in much more. Jon F. was right, we were a great fit.”

“Carl was a mentor to me on set. He would put both his arms on my shoulders and look me directly in the eyes to calm my spirit,” she expounded on IG, “He had a wonderful perspective of telling a story that can only come through his experience and wisdom that he shared with me to help make me shine. I cherish those moments.”

Chek out Carano’s full IG post here.

The relationship between Gina Carano and Carl Weathers, co-stars of the Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, has proven significant beyond the screen. Despite the controversy surrounding Carano’s departure from the show, her heartfelt and extensive tribute to Weathers on Instagram underscores the genuine connection between the two actors. The focus on their roles in the series, along with Weathers’ notable contributions as a director, highlights the diverse talents within The Mandalorian. While controversy led to Carano’s exit, Weathers’ gesture of personally reaching out to her reflects the camaraderie within the acting community. The bond between these actors and their contributions to the successful series will stand as a reminder of the complexity and diversity of Star Wars production in the modern era.

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