More Spider-Man 3 Casting News Says More Characters Are Returning
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More Casting News For Spider-Man 3 With Past Peter Parkers, A Mary Jane, And Daredevil?

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BY December 10, 2020

After Monday’s report that Alfred Molina will return as Doctor Octopus for the upcoming Spider-Man movie, we got some more casting rumors. This casting news for Spider-Man 3 continues to come in from single sources not yet corroborated by others. So, as awesome as this all sounds, fans should remain a little skeptical about them. Essentially, the new casting news, if true, would confirm that Spider-Man 3 will be entering the Marvel multiverse and/or the Spider-Verse. Stars from previous versions of Spider-Man films Kristen Dunst, Andrew Garfield, and possibly Tobey Maguire will reprise their respective roles for the movie. Also, fans of the Save Daredevil campaign will be happy to learn a rumor says Charlie Cox will play the Man Without Fear in the film as well.

Other Spider-People In Spider-Man 3

Tobey Maguire Spider Man Image via Sony

The first report, and the one that fits with the other casting news we’ve gotten, says that 3 previous Spider-Man actors will return. Kristen Dunst will appear as her version of Mary Jane Watson. Andrew Garfield is also returning as Peter Parker from the Amazing Spider-Man films. Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, however, is still more up-in-the-air, because the report says that he’s not yet signed a deal. However, with Sam Raimi back in the Marvel business, could Tobey really be that far behind?

If true, these casting additions suggest that Jamie Foxx’s Electro and Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus will not simply be the versions of those villains in the MCU. Rather, they will be versions of those villains from elsewhere in the multiverse. Since both of those villains met their ultimate ends in their respective films, it’s possible the older Foxx and Molina will be versions of those characters who defeated their Spider-Man. Thus, Tom Holland’s Spidey might have to track down the Spider-Men who defeated them for advice or, hopefully, help taking them down.

This is a great move because both Maguire and Garfield had somewhat ignominious ends to their tenure as the wall-crawler. While each iteration has their fans, their final movies were critically panned. So, one last outing in the red-and-blue spandex could help put a capstone on their legacies. The report, which comes from, says that Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy may also return, the actor’s real-life pregnancy permitting (even though she perished in Amazing Spider-Man 2 as well).

So, What About the Daredevil Casting News?

Save Daredevil Rights Return to Marvel Studios Charlie Cox Deborah Ann Woll Karen Page Matt Murdock Image via Netflix

The most specious bit of casting news for Spider-Man 3 comes with the Charlie Cox rumor. The rights to Daredevil reverted to Marvel last month, invigorating the campaign to bring back the series, actors and all. This rumor comes from Charles Murphy, a “leaker” who has an intermittent track record with his scoops. However, there is some evidence both for and against this move, so let’s try to figure out how likely it will be that Daredevil will return to the Marvel Universe with Charlie Cox under the (eyeless) black mask.

The thing that makes it unlikely is that, thus far, all of the characters mentioned in the Spider-Man 3 casting news have been characters Sony owns the rights to. Daredevil, on the other hand, is now a character wholly owned by Disney and Marvel Studios. It seems that if they were to reintroduce Daredevil, it would be in a Marvel Studios-only film. Remember, the deal to keep Spider-Man in the MCU only included two films: Spider-Man 3 and an unnamed Marvel Studios film. However, if they choose to further extend their partnership that could change. Only time will tell.

However, Daredevil and Spider-Man have always been close in the comics. The Web-Head and the Man Without Fear teamed up on multiple occasions. One of the more famous stories featured Matt Murdock, not his costumed alter-ego, serving as Spider-Man’s lawyer. With Peter Parker alleged to be Spider-Man at the end of the last film, perhaps Charlie Cox will appear as an attorney. That combined with multiversal shenanigans could even establish the Netflix Marvel universe as its own separate thing.

Either way, each bit of casting news for Spider-Man 3 is exciting. What could be the final film in the Sony-Marvel collaboration will be suitably epic.

What do you think? Share your thoughts, reactions, and theories about how these characters could be used in the comments below.

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