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Halloween Ends Poster Shows Myers and Strode

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BY October 3, 2022

Halloween Ends marks a return of the Halloween franchise. Michael Myers and Laurie Strode stand side-by-side in a new Halloween Ends poster, hinting at their impending confrontation. One of the most renowned horror movie antagonists of all time, Myers made his debut in the 1978 film Halloween. Since then, he appeared in numerous sequels. He showed up in twelve more Halloween movies after that. Most recently in David Gordon Green’s 2018 remakes of Halloween and Halloween Kills. This fall, Green wraps up his reboot trilogy with Halloween Ends, which is touted as the end of the Laurie and Myers saga.

Halloween Ends Source: Rolling Stone

They reached a pivotal story point in Halloween Kills’ conclusion. There, Myers massacres the crowd who had assembled to murder him before killing Karen (Judy Greer) with a stabbing. In the most recent Halloween Ends trailer, they hinted that Michael and Laurie’s unfinished business takes center stage in the forthcoming episode (Jamie Lee Curtis). She made her film debut in the original 1978 version. We see a vicious kitchen brawl between the protagonists in the trailer, giving away the possibility that Halloween Ends will be the most intense movie ever. Even though there haven’t been many updates on the impending film in a while, Curtis just made an appearance in a video to let fans know that Halloween Ends would be available on Peacock on the same day that it opens in cinemas.

The poster released on the official Twitter account

A new poster for the movie became available via the official Halloween Ends Twitter account. This follows the disclosure of the movie’s streaming release date. The poster’s simple design, which only shows Myers and Laurie standing side by side, makes it clear that the upcoming film will focus on the resolution of their battle. Myers is holding his infamous kitchen knife and is sporting the charred appearance he acquired at the start of Halloween Kills, heightening the menacing quality of the figure. View the most recent poster below:

Halloween Ends Source: Comicbook.com

Halloween Ends is being promoted as the end of this particular story in the universe of the movie, despite the fact that it appears unlikely that this will be the final time fans see Michael Myers (a perspective shared by the director of the first Halloween). Inconsequential characters will take a back seat when Laurie squares off against Myers for the final time, as the newest poster confirms what was already very obvious from the teaser. The poster’s ingenious title arrangement at the bottom confirms that the movie releases this year around Halloween.

We don’t know how Halloween Ends comes to a close

It’s unclear how Laurie and Michael’s story ends up in the venerable horror series. Even still, it makes sense that many fans are dubious about the movie’s portrayal of the legendary villain’s unambiguous demise. However, even if Laurie ultimately succeeds in eliminating Michael in Halloween Ends, the character might return to any upcoming reboots that take place outside of the pre-existing Halloween universe. Fans have less than two months until Halloween Ends becomes available on streaming services and in cinemas, but it’s still unknown how Laurie and Michael will resolve their final conflict.

The excitement of the final clash between the two main characters excites a lot of fans. Both Michael Myers and Laurie Strode are finally coming to a head. This seems like their last and final clash. This brings an end to a fascinating and long-lasting rivalry. We await more details about the movie. A trailer came out a few days ago.

What do you think about the poster for Halloween Ends? Did you enjoy the franchise so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!



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