Christopher Nolan Dune: Part Two Just Compare it to a Star Wars
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Christopher Nolan Praises Dune: Part Two and Puts It On Par With Star Wars

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BY February 7, 2024

Christopher Nolan has already seen Dune: Part Two and has not hesitated to compare it to a Star Wars movie. He has also stated that we are in a “post-franchise and post-licensing” scenario.

Now we are left to discover his opinion on the flashy popcorn bucket that will accompany the premiere of Denis Villeneuve’s film.

While some of us are anxiously awaiting the release of Dune: Part Two, Christopher Nolan has already had a chance to see it. And, in fact, he found it impressive enough to compliment the director on a scale as large as an Imperial Star Destroyer. This ambitious Denis Villeneuve adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel will be a cinematic event.

Christopher Nolan Praises Dune: Part Two and Puts It On Par With Star Wars

In a couple of videos shared by the account X kenzie xcx, Nolan and Villeneuve can be seen engaged in a conversation after a screening of Dune: Part Two. During the discussion, the filmmaker behind ‘Oppenheimer,’ visibly excited about the movie, poses some questions to Villeneuve and then drops the bomb:

“For me, if Dune Part One was ‘Star Wars,’ this … was very much The Empire Strikes Back, which is my favorite of the Star Wars films. It’s an … exciting expansion of you introduced in the first one.”

Indeed, you read correctly.

Christopher Nolan has compared the return to Arrakis to what many consider the best film in George Lucas’ space saga. Moreover, a compliment to which the Quebec director has responded with a genuine. “I have to tell you, Chris, that’s a huge compliment.” So, if you enjoy each other’s company, go ahead and have fun.

This touching moment follows Christopher Nolan’s Dune: Part Two acknowledgement of what he perceives as a “post-franchise and post-licensing” era. Here we saw successes like Oppenheimer, with an international box office approaching $1 billion. He suggests that this success “serves to remind studios that there is an appetite for things audiences haven’t seen before or for innovative approaches.”

Certainly, this doesn’t imply opposition to franchised cinema, especially considering his Dark Knight trilogy garnered Warner Bros. $2.4 billion. With this context, his commendations for ‘Dune: Part Two,’ scheduled for release on March 1st, do not present any contradiction.

The favorable Christopher Nolan comparison of Dune: Part Two to The Empire Strikes Back underscores the film’s monumental impact. Its recognition of a post-franchise landscape suggests a growing appetite for originality. It also points to a promising future for innovative storytelling in the film industry.

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