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Top 10 Dying Light 2 Tips and Tricks For Beginners

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BY April 20, 2022

If players want to escape Villedor’s brutal day and night cycles, they’ll need to know how to take benefit of the surroundings, how to employ parkour, and when to stick their heads down. This is why we are sharing the top 10 Dying Light 2 tips and tricks for beginners to help them get a kick start in the game.

Despite the fact that many fans of the first Dying Light have been waiting a long time for the second, the excitement around it is guaranteed to attract a new wave of athletic ass-kickers. With all the zombies and foragers roaming the streets, you’ll need some pointers to get started in the city in this action role playing game.

Dying Light 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Safe Zones Can Be Unlocked

Safe zones are essential for surviving at night, especially in the early phases of the game. Unlike the original game, Dying Light 2 has an Immunity Meter, a timer that starts counting down when you leave UV light. As you progress through the game, your immunity meter will build to the point where it is no longer a major problem.

However, in the early game, a few minutes in the dark might be difficult to manage. That’s why, in Dying Light 2, finding safe zones should be at the top of your to-do list. Windmills aren’t the only source of UV radiation; therefore, safe zones may be found in almost any place.

The majority of them serve as safe zones, while some just serve as UV stations. The closest UV light source displays on your compass while wandering at night, and they’re generally within 100 meters.

Upgrading Your Level

The XP you’ve gained for parkour and fighting skills, as well as the activities you’ve completed throughout the city and your overall progress, are reflected in your character’s level. It’s reasonable to assume that levelling up is gradual.

It also implies that there is a big variation between level 1 and level 2. Your level has an impact on the stuff you can scavenge or buy; therefore, it’s a decent indicator of how much punishment you can take.

Purchase Stamina Upgrades

Aiden’s jumping is impressive, but his climbing isn’t. Aiden’s stamina depletes quickly when climbing walls and vertical objects, and if it runs out halfway up, you’ll tumble, a potentially fatal failure if you’re too high up.

This implies that once you obtain the requisite Inhibitors, you’ll want to level up your stamina at least a number of times straight away. The talents in the top-right corner of the parkour skill tree should also be prioritized since they help you to climb around quicker and maximize your limited stamina pool.

Weapons Are Extremely Disposable, But They Can Be Fixed

Weapons in the original Dying Light were designed to fail fast but could only be fixed a certain number of times. This meant that if you had a favourite, you could accumulate repair kits and keep them around for a bit longer. Dying Light 2 takes a different approach, opting to make most weapons extremely disposable.

You’ll discover weapons all throughout the place, and they’re generally designed to be used until they’re utterly broken. Although there isn’t a standard repair mechanism as in the original game, there is one technique to increase the weapon’s durability.

You Have The Option To Jump Higher

If you’re unsure if you can leap from one spot to another, the answer is nearly probably yes. Aiden’s ancestors must have been grasshoppers because you can leap a long distance even at a standstill, and the first skill you gain in the tutorial is an extended jump that carries you away if you hold down the button.

Similarly, your odds of making the jump are secure since you don’t have to reach the other ledge; if you fall short and strike the wall underneath it; you’ll grip the edge and pull yourself up as long as you’re not too far down. It’s slower and leaves you exposed, but it’s better than dying, and it allows you to nearly leap across streets if done correctly.

Concentrate On Stamina Rather Than Health

The next tip in the list of Dying Light 2 Tips is to concentrate on stamina. When you first begin playing, you will be quite frail in terms of both health and stamina. Inhibitors, which can be gathered and utilized to enhance any of those primary functions, will be presented to you immediately.

The advantages of doing either are obvious, but you’ll want to concentrate on stamina rather than health. Combat in Dying Light 2 is rather straightforward; and Aiden has a plethora of moves at his disposal right away; allowing him to effortlessly dispatch both zombies and people.

As a result, you’ll want to focus more on improving his stamina and ensuring that you can travel to and from locations as rapidly as possible.

Fill In The Gaps On The Map Using Your Binoculars

It’s easy to forget, but you’re handed a pair of binoculars to use to examine the environment around you early on; which you may use at any moment. When you look at them, they really highlight objectives; critical places, and points of interest on your map; suggesting where to look with a shrinking box that shrinks as you come closer to the right region.

Your impulse may be to use them just sometimes, at the very tops of the highest skyscrapers for the finest views; yet they may be used anywhere. These binoculars are extremely powerful; triggering on single pixels of things halfway around the world and even identifying targets for us through solid structures at times.

Howlers Should Be Avoided

Nighttime in Villedor is substantially safer than Harran, as long as you keep your tolerance in mind. In Old Villedor, you’ll never come across a Volatile zombie, so all you have to worry about are Howlers.

These zombies are extremely sensitive, as seen by the screaming zombie head symbol. When they see you, they’ll let out a loud scream, signalling the start of a chase. Aiden needs to find a UV light source to put an end to the chase; which is being pursued by zombies. Howlers, on the other hand, do not need to give out a complete scream to warn the swarm.

Aiden is capable of sneaking up on Howlers, but we don’t advise it. Invest in the Air Kick fighting perk instead to shock Howlers from afar. Then use your weapon to attack them. The greatest suggestion is to stay away from Howlers altogether.

Use Merchants To Get Rid Of Worthless Things

If you open up enough crates and boxes in Stay Human; you’ll quickly accumulate a large number of “Valuables.” Valuables have no purpose other than to clutter up your inventory until you take them to a shop and sell them.

It’s worthwhile to do this on a regular basis since the amount of money you may make is enormous. To keep your bag from piling up, hand off any poor weapons or out-levelled stuff. Then use that cash to fund replacements as merchants sell some of the greatest weaponry; and high-rarity bludgeoners are durable enough to endure until your next shopping binge.

Items for Crafting

Knives for throwing are one of the most useful items in Dying Light 2. They’re simple to make, using only scrap and rags; but they’re significantly more adaptable in the early stages of the game. By fast-hitting Left Trigger, they may halt enemy attacks, start blowing up gas cans and reduce survivors.

In Dying Light 2, ranged weapons include a helpful lock-on/aim aid, so don’t worry about nailing the perfect shot. Once you acquire more ranged weapons, such as bows and crossbows, throwing knives lose their use. To produce arrows and bolts, you’ll need scrap, which is considerably more efficient in general.


This was a guide on the top 10 Dying Light 2 tips and tricks for beginners. We have shared complete tips that can help you progress through the game easily and quickly without putting too much pressure.



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