Iron Man 2020 Launch Brings Back New and Old Characters We Love
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Iron Man 2020 Will Launch a New Wave of Armored Comics

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BY April 27, 2020

With the launch of Dan Slott’s Iron Man 2020 event in January, we’ll get some mini-series tie-ins. Some of these titles will feature new characters we already love, such as Rescue and Ironheart. But we’ll also see the return of some classic Iron Man characters and titles, like Force Works and Machine Man.

Iron Man Just Can’t Seem to Stay Alive

Iron Man 2020 Dan Slott Marvel Comics Those giant gears seem a bit impractical. (Image via Marvel Comics)

Tony Stark is dead. It seems that in the past decade, he’s been dead longer than alive. We got the weird projection of Stark used in Secret Wars, and he came back for a second in Tony Stark: Iron Man, but he’s back to his deadness. So, who’s wearing the ridiculous armor when Iron Man 202 does launch? His adopted brother, Arno Stark. Yes, Tony has an adopted brother, who debuted in 2012 in Keiron Gillen’s Iron Man series, part of the Marvel Now! Initiative.

The Iron Man 2020 Event Launch Will Be Locked In an Iron Box

Iron Man 2020 Launch Schedule (Image Via: Marvel Comics)

All we have so far is a list of titles and schedule of release dates. We know that Dan Slott is writing the main title, obviously, but aside from that, we have no creative teams mentioned for the Iron Man 2020 launch. But the titles themselves do tell us some things.

There’s Force Works 2020, an Iron Man title from the 1990s, which gave us an iron team. Machine Man 2020, a character that oddly debuted in Jack Kirby’s adaptation of 2001: A Space Odyssey and brought into Marvel. Ironheart 2020 will bring back the popular character Riri Williams, which Brian Michael Bendis created after he also killed Tony Stark in Civil War II. The least surprising, given how much fans loved her appearance in Avengers: Endgame, is Rescue 2020. Potts deserves more time, regardless.

The most mysterious title is Iron Age 2020—who knows what that could be. And the strangest, but most intriguing? Weapon.Exe 2020…so, is Wolverine going to have a role in this Iron Man event?

We’ll have to wait for the Iron Man event to launch in, as you might have guessed, 2020 to find out.

(Featured Image via Marvel Comics)


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