WandaVision Episode Count ‘Extended’ By Disney For Nine Total Episodes
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WandaVision Episode Count ‘Extended’ By Disney For Nine Total Installments

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BY January 4, 2021

The journey taken by WandaVision before its premiere is an interesting one. Originally the most questionable series in the Disney+ Phase 4 offerings from the MCU, it’s now the most anticipated and first to debut. Fans were, at first, confused about this series since it featured Paul Bettany’s Vision, who died in Avengers: Infinity War. That the title is a play on the word “television” didn’t immediately land. Yet, as we finally get to see trailers and other first looks, fans are eager to see this wild and weird story that kickstarts the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, there’s more good news. On Monday, Disney put out a press release revealing they “extended” the WandaVision episode count to nine full episodes.

We’ve gotten conflicting reports. On Disney Investor’s Day, the consensus was that WandaVision would be a six-hour limited series, which is what we always thought we were getting. However, back in July a stunt-person’s CV listed stunts for WandaVision episode 109. Typically TV shows will number their episodes using three-digit codes. The first digit is the number of the season, the last two denote which episode of the series it is. So, this meant WandaVision season 1, episode 9. We thought this was debunked, but it’s finally been confirmed. And, from what we can tell, more episodes of WandaVision are definitely a good thing.

The press release came to promote a new TV spot for the series and to reveal that the episodes will have different theme songs. These will likely relate to the era of television a specific episode adapts. We also get the clearest confirmation yet, that Wanda’s reality is separate from the main reality, but people and things can go in-between them.

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From the press release:

“A new TV spot airs tonight featuring Marvel Studios’ upcoming new Disney+ series WandaVision, a blend of classic television and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The spot reveals an original theme song written by Oscar®-winning songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez (Frozen), who penned unique songs for several episodes, spanning from the 1950s to the early 2000s. ‘WandaVision is such a cool, strange, one-of-a-kind project,’ says Lopez. ‘When the director, Matt Shakman—an old friend from my college days—pitched it to us, we didn’t have to think about it. We loved the bright feeling of American sitcoms mixed with the deep sense of unease the story had, and it was a really inviting challenge to help set that tone.’”

Lopez talks about an experience familiar to many 1980s’ kids who grew up around a TV. She watched shows from many different eras from the screwball comedy of the 1950s to the family comedies of the 1960s and 1970s “in living color,” and shows modern to that era. With that vocabulary, she was able to build songs that will likely evoke those eras on a fundamental level while still being wholly unique to WandaVision.

The news that the WandaVision episode count was extended by Disney (early in production) is welcome news. This series looks great, and it will now have the time it needs to really explore this unique concept, these great Marvel characters, and set the stage for things to come in the MCU.

WandaVision debuts on Disney+ on January 15, 2021.

What do you think? Are you excited that we get more WandaVision than just six episodes? Share your thoughts, theories about the show, and reactions to the TV spot in the comments below.

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