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ViacomCBS Announces Milestone For CBS All Access And 2021 Relaunch

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BY February 11, 2021

We’ve documented the start of the Streaming Wars on Comic Years, because as original and new contenders battle it out, we viewers benefit. In a new announcement from ViacomCBS, their service CBS All Access reached a milestone, announcing the service will relaunch in 2021. Currently, CBS All Access offers the most content (in terms of hours) than any other streaming service. In a press release today, ViacomCBS says that CBS All Access featured 120,000 hours of streaming content. This means there’s almost four times more content, in viewing hours, than its closest competitor, Netflix. This shows why companies like ViacomCBS, WarnerMedia, and Disney only have ground to gain in the race for subscriptions. They have a long history of films, television series, and other content they can draw from for their native direct-to-consumer services.

ViacomCBS hopes to turn CBS All Access in to a “superservice” that allows its audience to view classic streaming content and consistent new, original content. CBS also entered the sporting arena, as they can show games live that CBS has broadcast rights to. This means that NFL, NCAA, golf, and soccer matches shown live. (At least, whenever those sports start playing after the COVID-19 shutdown.)

Even though they are still very much in the fight, it’s Netflix that has the most to fear from these new services. ViacomCBS has their television network, TV production studios, and Paramount Pictures under their umbrella. In fact, of all Streaming Wars competitors, only Netflix has no other revenue stream to fall back on. Though, they are still the leader when it comes to showing all of these companies’ content internationally.

Still, Chief executive and chief digital officer at ViacomCBS Marc DeBevoise likes CBS All Access’s chances to remain competitive in a crowded streaming market.

As he said in a statement:

“Today marks the beginning of the evolution of CBS All Access into the subscription streaming home for ViacomCBS…. By bringing the valuable IP and creative capabilities from across ViacomCBS together in one service, we have a fantastic opportunity to introduce even more consumers to this incredible offering.”

This is an important milestone for ViacomCBS, especially with the proposed relaunch of CBS All Access in 2021. What bears watching is how they incorporate their other streaming properties, some of which are free to access.

ViacomCBS owns and operates the ad-supported streaming platform Pluto TV and the educational children’s programming service Noggin. Their networks Showtime and BET also both have premium subscription services. The fate of DC Universe up-in-the-air as Warner Bros. seems to want to consolidate everything into HBO Max. In advance of the relaunch of CBS All Access in 2021, will ViacomCBS want to add to this milestone by rolling in those services’ programming as well?

CBS All Access is currently airing 23 straight weeks of Star Trek with Star Trek: Lower Decks followed by Star Trek: Discovery.

What do you think of the CBS All Access milestone or the plan for ViacomCBS to relaunch the service in 2021? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Which streaming services are the must-have ones in your house?

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