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Titans Nightwing Costume Leaks Thanks to Set Photo Snapped By Fan

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BY February 11, 2021

Since the announcement of DC Universe’s flagship series Titans, fans expected to see Brenton Thwaites’ Dick Grayson transform from Robin to Nightwing. Well, thanks to a keen-eyed fan walking past a night shoot, we get our first glimpse of the Titans Nightwing costume. For those who’ve not kept up with the surprisingly good series, Grayson burned his Robin costume near the end of the last season. This means that for the first few episodes of Titans’ second season, he doesn’t have a costume to wear. This is especially problematic for him since his identity as a superhero is still a secret. So, how and when he transitions into Nightwing is one of the big moments fans are waiting for in the show. It appears that by the end of the season, Titans Nightwing costume will make its proper debut. Check out the set photos below taken from Reddit!

Titans Nightwing Costume Keeps It Simple

Titans Nightwing Costume Set Photos Promo Image by Canadian_Dracula via Reddit

Characters like Ryan Potter’s Gar Logan (Beast Boy) and Teagan Croft’s Rachel Roth (Raven) don’t really have costumes. Their civilian outfits hearken to their comic book aesthetics, but they aren’t accurate to what we see in the comics. The outfits for characters like Robin, Hawk, and Dove, however, are so comics-accurate it’s almost unbelievable that they work for such an adult-themed series. Likely, this means that our as-yet uncostumed characters will end up in something like the outfits fans are used to seeing in the Titans books. Along with the Titans Nightwing costume, we also catch glimpses of both Joshua Orpin’s Connor Kent (Superboy) and Chelsea Zhang’s Rose Wilson (Ravager). Ravager wears a costume that looks ripped straight from the pages of the comics, and a tweet from an unknown source shows that it looks quite like the Deathstroke armor from the series.

Titans Nightwing Costume Set Photos Promo

Titans Nightwing Costume Set Photos Promo Images by Canadian_Dracula via Reddit

The Other Cool Costume Premiering Soon on Titans

Titans Nightwing Costume Set Photos Promo Image via DC Universe

While we will likely have to wait a few more episodes to see Titans Nightwing and the rest in all their glory, we will get a new costumed villain. Michael Mosley will guest star as Doctor Light. In the last episode we saw him broken out of prison, presumably by Deathstroke. It seems like he will get to face off against Jason Todd’s Robin and then the rest of the Titans, all in civilian clothes. You can see his costume in the promo photo above, and it looks pretty cool. The Titans trailer teased this confrontation, and it looks as if it’s going to happen sooner rather than later. It’s unclear if Doctor Light will be a recurring villain or just a one-off problem that Esai Morales’ Slade Wilson throws in their way.

Titans Nightwing Costume Set Photos Promo

Already Titans season 2 features more action and costumes than the first season. With the addition of Iain Glen’s Bruce Wayne and flashbacks to the early days of the group, this series has a lot of potential. Though, it may end up facing the problem that Supergirl faced early on. Most of these characters are derivative of other heroes in the DC Universe, ones that can’t appear on the show. It will be strange for Superboy or Wonder Girl to be a big part of this series only to never see their more famous counterparts and mentors. Still, at least we get Krypto!

Titans Nightwing Costume Set Photos Promo

Titans Nightwing Costume Set Photos Promo

Titans Nightwing Costume Set Photos Promo

I want to hear from you! Do you like the Titans Nightwing costume? What other characters do you want to see in the show and in their fighting duds? Tell us in the comments or give us a holler on social media.

All unattributed images via DC Universe


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