CW Renames The Arrowverse To The CWVerse In Superman & Lois Tease
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In New Superman And Lois Teaser, CW Renames The Arrowverse To The CWVerse

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BY January 22, 2021

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the fall TV schedule will see far fewer scripted series premieres than usual. Still, networks want to keep people excited for series that will (meaning: “may”) return in early 2021. To that end, the CW debuted a trailer for Superman and Lois that revealed they’ve changed the name from the Arrowverse to the CWVerse. In a way, this move became inevitable after Arrow’s series finale. However, I am here to encourage of all of us to ignore this marketing decision and continue to call it by its actual name. In fairness, the CW teaser does pay homage to the perfect first season of television that kicked off their DC-shared universe. (And, Stargirl and Swamp Thing, DC Universe series that are not on the same plane of the multiverse as the shows in the Arrowverse.)

Look, I am not criticizing the CW here. Things are pretty weird at WarnerMedia right now, and while the ongoing relationship between them and the network is likely fine, branding matters. If the CWVerse catches on like the Arrowverse did, then it subtly reinforce the importance of the network to the company. Things are very uncertain right now, and the pandemic may cause media companies to consolidate even more. In a way, the CW has to compete not just with other networks, but with HBO Max as well.

However, when talking about the series that are all part of what they call “Earth-Prime,” the Arrowverse is as good a name as any.

Why the Arrowverse Is a Better Identifier Than the CWVerse

Crossover Batwoman Superman Lois Featured Image via the CW

The CW is an interesting network, but one that has always been a home for delightful, genre morality plays for teenagers. Yet, the CWVerse could include anything that airs on the network, including Riverdale. No, the series that spun-off from Arrow to include those that only connected later, Supergirl and Black Lightning, deserve their own identity. As much as the MCU was able to accomplish with huge budgets and one of the most powerful studios in Hollywood behind, these TV nerds did almost the same thing. In fact, their climatic event, Crisis On Infinite Earths, didn’t just tie in all of the connected series but every other DC-based property ever put to film. Frankly, the exclusion of “DC”-related anything just doesn’t sit right with me.

Nonetheless, the teaser for Superman and Lois is scant and really serves to only introduce the Arrowverse to CWVerse change. We do hear a line of recorded dialogue from Emmanuelle Chriqui, playing Lana Lang. The teaser also reveals what we’ve known that the series will take place in Smallville, including filming (perhaps in October) on the same set from the iconic Smallville series. (Actually, it includes a shot of Tom Welling from the crossover.) Luckily, Superman can keep up with the commute. The film will showcase Superman and Lois as parents, while also still being a global hero and dedicated journalist.

The Arrowverse (not the CWVerse, sorry) will return (hopefully) in 2021.

Featured image via CW

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