Latest Episode Titans On HBOMax Starts To Bring Season 3 ‘Home’
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In Latest Episode Titans On HBOMax Starts To Bring Season 3 ‘Home’

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BY September 20, 2021

As we mentioned in our review of the Titans season 3 premiere episodes, title aside this is a Bat-family show. Brendon Thwaites’ Dick Grayson, Curran Walters’ Jason Todd, and even Savannah Welch’s Barbara Gordon are at the front of this year’s story. Yet the past two episodes have felt truly like Teen Titans stories. The characters are off on their own here and there, yet are all working towards a similar goal. Also, as usual, characters are feeling the effects of their hormones and falling in love with one another. But, what makes this episode of Titans so powerful is that they’re working to bring Jason Todd home after his heel turn. I ultimately don’t expect him to come back into the fold, especially if the rumors of a Red Hood spinoff are true.

Yet, it will be important to the story to see the Titans save one of their own, especially after the losses they’ve taken. As I said in the past, a little too much of the team-building and friendship between the Titans happens off-screen. Ironically, it’s usually Ryan Potter’s Gar Logan who is used as the bridge between disparate characters on Titans. Yet, he’s finally off on his own, leaving the rest to turn to the others for help. With season 3 more than half over, the story is ramping up and people are taking their places for the final showdown.

Well, not all the people. Eight episodes into Titans season 3 and not only has Teagan Croft’s Raven not come home yet, we’ve not even seen her. We did see a glimpse of Conor Leslie’s Donna Troy in an earlier episode, but nothing else. (Though we have a strong suspicion she will show up next week.)

Spoilers to follow.

The Newest Episode of Titans Is All About Coming Home

ryan-potter-eve-harlowe Titans Home Episode Beast Boy Image via HBOMax

After the introduction of Lady Vic in Titans, the countdown to Jason and Vincent Kartheiser’s Jonathan Crane breaking up began. Jason is coming down from the Crane anti-fear toxin, and he’s feeling remorse and anger at being used. In fairness, there is some plot contrivance here. Jason knocks Crane out, and then just leaves him and his fear toxin there. He could have called the cops anonymously or something like that. Of course, that would mean we’d get a far less interesting last five episodes in the season. And one need not take a huge leap to say that in his withdrawal state, Jason isn’t exactly operating at peak efficiency.

In this episode, the rest of the Titans are conflicted on bringing Jason home, most of all Dick. Both Gar and Anna Diop’s Starfire argue to spare him, and the rest of the group backs their play. So, the rest of the journey in this season will likely be getting Dick to a place where he considers it.

This episode of Titans gets its title, I think, from a conversation with Damris Lewis’ Blackfire and Joshua Orpin’s Superboy about the planets they call home. We all expected Blackfire to be a villain, and that may still be in the cards. However, I am very happy with the choices thus far, especially the decision to link her romantically to Conner Kent. Conner’s innocence and Blackfire’s skepticism are a fun contrast. Yet, it’s also heartwarming how these two aliens-without-a-home have found comfort in each other. Again, I am sure it will be wrenched apart eventually, but for now it’s nice.

The Tim Drake Story, Like Red Hood’s, Is Better With Nightwing

Jay-Lycurgo-as-Tim-Drake-in- Titans Home Episode Image via HBOMax

One thing I’ve said throughout the season is that this version of the Red Hood story is my favorite of all them. That the drama is playing out between Batman’s two sons rather than Batman himself makes all the difference. We knew that Tim Drake would be showing up, and this episode he does. Again, the story beats are all there. Tim was there the night the Graysons died. He is a Batman and Robin super-fan, and he was able to figure out their identities. In A Lonely Place of Dying Tim interacts mostly with Nightwing, but it’s all in an effort to “save” Batman. In this case, it’s his idea to become the new Robin. And it just works. Rather than having Bruce replace his son again, this kid just wants to help and keep the Robin name alive.

Of course, this episode leaves Tim in some dire straits. Shot in the back by Jonathan Crane, it seems like his path to wearing the cape and mask is going to be longer and more fraught than in the comics. As much as Titans is about Batman and the effect of his war on those he tasked with fighting it, Tim will represent the Bat-advocate going forward. Dick has come to terms with his upbringing. Jason also has no ill will towards Bruce, just the consequences of his actions. So, Dick accepting Tim’s volunteering to join the fight is an important step on his character’s journey.

While the lack of Raven this season is definitely not ideal, everything else about this season has been great. I think these next five episodes are going to possibly be the best in the series to date.

New episodes of Titans debut Thursdays on HBO Max

What did you think of Home, the latest episode of Titans on HBOMax? Do you like how the Tim Drake and Red Hood stories are playing out? Share your thoughts, theories, and predictions in the comments below.

Featured image via HBOMax.

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