Superman And Lois Official Trailer Has Me Invested In This Story Already
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Superman And Lois Trailer (2021) Actually Has Me Invested In This Story Already

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BY January 29, 2021

The CW is rebranding its Arrowverse CW-Verse with a slate of brand new shows. The progenitor of the shared TV universe, Arrow, already ended. Sadly, its proposed spin-off in Green Arrow and the Canaries never saw the light of day. With Supergirl now ending after their final season, and Black Lightning also canceled, it only feels like a matter of time until the signature The Flash is over as well. But fear not citizens! A new era of CW-Verse shows is coming with the release of the new Superman And Lois official trailer. 

The Superman And Lois Official Trailer Finally Gives Us Footage And Story

Superman and Lois official trailer lost jobs. Image via Screen Grab.

One of the reasons why the new Superman and Lois official trailer has me excited is due to the letdown of the previous ‘trailer’. Billed as a teaser, what we ended up with was more of a motion graphic-style concept footage video with a voiceover. But the new trailer is much more poignant and substantial, showcasing new footage as well as giving us an idea of what the new show is all about. 

Due to recent events in their lives, both Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) and Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) are out of jobs from The Daily Planet. (This mirrors real life as newsrooms across the U.S. have been shrinking for decades.) This version of the iconic comic book characters are also married with a family. This definitely brings about a new avenue of storytelling as they have to deal with the usual challenges of life, while also raising teens. To cope, Clark and Lois return to the small-time Kansas farm where the boy became the hero. 

Superman Show Has A Very Conventional Family Drama Premise

Superman and Lois official trailer poster. Image via Screen Grab.

The most interesting part of the new Superman And Lois official trailer is how relatable and universal the premise is. It’s your usual family drama. A family uprooted from its city life, due to their problems, trying to make it on a small-time farm; it’s a concept we’ve seen before and work to great success in varying settings. The only difference now is that the family is part of a legendary comic book power couple.

The potential for emotional story-telling here is staggering. The trailer shows how Clark and Lois’ two teenage sons don’t seem to know that their dad is Superman. There are scenes where it seems like they find out, and their reactions are seemingly all over the place. Seeing Clark Kent as a father, having to impart his brand of morals and values, all the while battling supervillains is very intriguing. Especially given how he seems to doubt his fatherhood skills in the trailer. Now factor in how insanely pivotal the relationship that Clark had with his own father is in any iteration of a Superman story. And how that will work here when the dynamics are switched. I’m tearing up already. 

Superman And Lois Official Trailer Focuses More On The Emotional Core Than Bad Guys

Superman and Lois official trailer car Image via Screen Grab.

While the new Superman And Lois official trailer does showcase a villain in the show, it doesn’t seem to be about that. The family drama takes center stage, as is always the case with these CW DC Comics shows. There are obvious Easter eggs, too. For example, the above image appears to show Clark lifting up a pick-up truck to reveal his powers to his kids. In Richard Donner’s Superman, the toddler Clark lifts a truck revealing his powers to adoptive parents. This will be a Superman like we’ve never seen, but one that is still recognizable. Grounding the Superman story in a concept as being a father, while still maintaining the larger than life spectacle of it all poses a lot of interesting possibilities. If Superman And Lois is the first step to a brand new CW-Verse, and this is their approach, then I’m definitely on board. 

Superman And Lois premieres on The CW on February 23. 

Featured image via Warner Bros. TV

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