First Look At Jensen Ackles In Soldier Boy Costume, The Boys Season 3
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First Look At Jensen Ackles In Soldier Boy Costume For The Boys Season 3

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BY April 28, 2022

Jensen Ackles and Eric Kripke are forever intertwined. The former was the lead of the latter’s most successful television franchise for 15 seasons, and the Supernatural finale was all about him. Yet, Kripke has found new success with his adaptation of Garth Ennis’ and Darick Robertson’s The Boys. Now that he’s finished up hunting ghosts and monsters, Ackles will soon appear on the show as its version of Captain America. The first look at Jensen Ackles in costume as Soldier Boy for season 3 of The Boys, shows this character is perhaps being taken more seriously than his comics counterpart.

Jensen Ackles Soldier Boy Costume The Boys Full Costume Image via Amazon Prime Video

The biggest divergence from this version of the character and the comics’ version is two-fold. First, he’s wearing pants and not shorts. Second, he’s surprisingly not decked out in a red-white-and-blue ensemble. Now, The Boys does have Antony Starr’s Homelander as their terror dressed in the flag (literally). And in the comics, Soldier Boy was something of a joke. He showed up with the comics version of Stormfront, who took center stage in that arc. Soldier Boy was simply a coward and pretender who ended up getting his nose bitten off by the comics’ version of Billy Butcher. There were other versions of Soldier Boy, including one who wore a costume similar to this. The show’s version shows a more serious take on the character, at least in his iridescent green costume. (Although, one hopes he still randomly shouts out the name of US states when he fights, because that’s just ridiculous.)

Will Jensen Ackles Be More Than a Cool Costume as Soldier Boy In The Boys?

Jensen Ackles Soldier Boy Costume The Boys Headshot Image via Amazon Prime Video

In the time since The Boys comic was published, Captain America has become a bigger and much more beloved figure in pop culture. This is largely due to the strength of the MCU in general and Chris Evans’ performance as Cap. The TV series has diverged so far from the comics’ storyline, that the circumstances in which Soldier Boy shows up in the story has to be completely different. In the books, he was a less-than-third-rate hero, and mostly a clown. With the way the series reimagines these characters, my guess it that Soldier Boy will be far more sinister. Also, given that this is the role that Kripke gave to Ackles, it’s fair to assume that his presence in season 3 may be akin to their version of Stormfront, who was a major character throughout season 2. Especially since we saw how intensely Jensen Ackles buffed up for his stint on the show.

One other thing we can guess may happen in this season involves the infamous Herogasm limited series being adapted into an episode this year. This annual bacchanal of all the superheroes features a lot of wanton hooking up and debauchery. However, one scene showed that Soldier Boy had sex with Homelander for what he assumed is an audition to be in the Seven. Though, I wonder if the roles won’t be reversed. Homelander in the show is much less in control than his comics counterpart. Perhaps Soldier Boy will be the one to have the upper hand over Homelander in this version?

Either way, we’re excited to see Jensen Ackles in costume as Soldier Boy, making us even more eager for the next season of The Boys.

Season 3 of The Boys is expected to debut on Amazon Prime Video in late 2021.

What do you think? Do you like the Soldier Boy costume, and are you hyped for Jensen Ackles to make his debut on The Boys? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image via Dynamite Comics

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