Invincible Season Finale Review: Blood And Tears; The Latter From Me
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Review: The Invincible Season Finale Is Full Of Blood And Tears; The Latter From Me

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BY April 29, 2021

The Invincible season finale is tear-jerkingly good. And I don’t mean that as hyperbole to describe how awesome it is. Even though it is. I mean more that most of the episode is extremely emotional, more so than any other superhero content that comes before. It’s a devastatingly heartbreaking finale to a show that was building to these moments from its premiere episodes. The Invincible season finale review is all about how this is one superhero show that cannot be missed. Animated or otherwise. 

Invincible Episode 7 Recap

Invincible season finale review fight. Featured image via Amazon Prime Video.

Spoilers to follow for Invincible episode 7 before the season finale. The last episode set up a lot that pays off in this one. While Robot (Zachary Quinto) revealed his new body to the new Guardians Of The Globe, some had trouble accepting it. Namely, Monster Girl (Grey Griffin) and Rex (Jason Mantzoukas), who needed time to process their feelings. Amber (Zazie Beetz) broke up with Mark (Steven Yeun) due to his superhero-ing and the pre-requisite lying that comes with all superhero alter egos. While his mother Debbie (Sandra Oh) finally confronted Nolan / Omni-Man (J. K. Simmons) about why he murdered the original Guardians. When things didn’t go the way she liked, Debbie sought refuge with Cecil (Walton Goggins), while Omni-Man went to find his son. 

All pretense dropped, Omni-Man began a rampage that saw him murder most of the soldiers tasked to watch him, and made his way towards Mark. Trying to slow him down, Cecil unleashed lasers, zombie robots, and even himself, to distract Nolan and buy Mark time. He’s quite possibly the only one strong enough to stop Omni-Man. Mark, oblivious to it all was whining about his failed relationship. However, seeing his father attacked by a giant squid monster, compelled him to fight alongside daddy dearest. But when a newly resurrected member of the murdered team of Guardians attacked Nolan for revenge, things break down. Mark witnessed his father brutally killing Immortal, and that’s where the Invincible season finale review begins. 

The Invincible Season Finale Was Hard To Watch, But Not For The Obvious Reasons

Invincible season finale review Omni Man. Featured image via Amazon Prime Video.

When Mark finally sees the truth about his father, the episode throws a roller coaster of emotions at the audience. It works wonderfully, given that the audience is essentially a proxy for Mark in this superhero world, while still being privy to a lot that he isn’t. So seeing the revelations of the entire season, along with brand new ones, from his perspective, is devastating. Omni-Man finally reveals the motivations behind his actions and the larger scope of his existence. It’s honestly surprising and comes as a huge shock. At least for those of us who haven’t read the long-running comic book series. The rest of the episode deals with the fall-out of that revelation, and it’s all emotional in a very action-packed kind of way. 

Despite its breezy blend of action, violence, and light-hearted comic book moments, Invincible really does something new in this season’s finale. It combines all those elements into a season finale that is tense, wild and makes good on all the build-up from the previous episodes. It’s a near-perfect season finale, from a show that subverts the superhero genre, while enhancing it with a truly innovative story. 

Invincible Season Finale Review Proclaims It a Must-Watch

Invincible season finale review Mark.

The entire season of Invincible is genuinely a must-watch. Not just for superhero fans, or comic book audiences, but audiences of all kinds. Its mature content and gory violence are not at all suitable for younger viewers. But for everyone else, it’s a great show that utilizes and enhances the usual superhero tropes into something great. And despite its maturity, while most superhero content these days is all about making things serious and gloomy, Invincible walks a tight rope. The deeper story is absolutely dark, and brutally so. But the titular character is still just a teenager trying to do the usual teenage things while trying to fight crime. Those aspects of Invincible are great because it’s the return to the more classic superhero storytelling that’s been missing from this landscape for a while.

In many ways, the contrast between Mark and Omni-Man is that separation of the idealistic come book content we used to get, beginning with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, compared to the darker themed ones today, like The Boys. That juxtaposition of that adult story and explicit violence, with relatable young characters, is what makes Invincible so damn good! Most comic book storylines will take years, if not decades to get to the level of complex subject matter that the Invincible season finale leads up to within 8 episodes. And executed, so perfectly. Despite its comic book premiere 19 years ago, creator Robert Kirkman is able to adapt his original scripts into a breathtaking new series that’s unlike anything since, or anything else on the air today. 

The Invincible season finale will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on April 30. 

Let us know what you thought about season 1 of Invincible in the comments below.

Featured image via Amazon Prime Video. 

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