Avenue 5 Trailer Is Veep Meets Star Trek Meets Poseidon Adventure?
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HBO’s Avenue 5 Trailer Is Veep Meets Star Trek … Meets Poseidon Adventure?

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BY February 6, 2021

HBO releases the Avenue 5 trailer showing us their next original comedy series. The trailer for the sci-fi comedy looks hilarious as it blends a variety of recognizable elements from famous franchises.

Avenue 5 Trailer Brings The Brief Funny

The Trailer for Avenue 5 doesn’t show to much but sets the tone for the series. Being an HBO show, certain staples will be a part of the show from the (hyper speed) jump. Those common elements will be ample swearing, people being terrible and a general sense of new-ness.

HBO's Avenue 5 poster Image via HBO

HBO always takes an interesting concept and builds an entire series around it. Be it Silicon ValleyThe Leftovers, or even their latest hit, Watchmen. Avenue 5 is more in the vein of Silicon Valley given its comedy genre. This comes as a great time for the Network, given that Silicon Valley will soon be airing its last season and the ending of Veep left a major hole in the networks’ programming schedule.

And the world in which Avenue 5 is living in feels very familiar.

Peak Star Trek Is Further Achieved With Avenue 5

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again; we’re living in peak Star Trek times. It’s a time when we currently will 2 major get Star Trek live-action TV shows on the air. The prequel, Star Trek: Discovery is all set to release season 3, and the Picard series debuting soon, continuing the adventures of the character from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Recent news also confirmed another Star Trek film from the Kelvin-verse characters to be helmed by Noah Hawley. Not to mention an animated comedy titled Star Trek: Lower Decks. 

Hugh Laurie in Avenue 5 Image via HBO

On top of which, we’ve got Seth MacFarlane’s homage to Star Trek, with The Orville, also ready to return with a season 3. And now, we go a step further with Avenue 5, which truly feels like a more R-rated comic take on Star Trek.

Avenue 5 Is Veep Creator’s Latest Mad Cap Comedy

The trailer for Avenue 5 right away boasts of its creator’s credentials. Veep’s Armando Iannucci returns to HBO after the political comedy with another series that looks to echo many of Veep’s elements.

Set on what looks like a spaceship version of a Cruise Liner, Avenue 5 is a science fiction comedy. Clearly. Hugh Laurie’s charming and witty Captain Clark introduces us to the brand of comedy that Avenue 5 will be about. Laurie also worked with Iannucci in Season 4 of Veep, as Julie Louis-Dreyfuss’s character’s rival.

As we’re introduced to the rest of the ship of Avenue 5, we’re treated to the fact that it is very much a recreational vessel with a varying array of passengers. Things take off when disaster strikes and the crew and its passengers have to deal with whatever is going on.

Gosh Gad in Avenue 5 from HBO Image via HBO

Given that this is only a teaser, it’s difficult to say if the whole series will focus on this premise, or if this is just the pilot episode’s plot. But suffice it to say, a lot of Veep-like elements are already on full display.

The Veep-ness Of Sci-Fi Comedy Set In Space

The ensemble cast of characters that made Veep a success is present in Avenue 5. Laurie’s slick Captain has Suzy Nakamura’s character, who seems de-facto in charge, to keep him in check. We’ve also seemingly got a rich playboy in Josh Gad. And the various passengers freaking out are also familiar. As we see Silicon Valley’s own Jared, Zach Woods, riling up other passengers.

At the same time, Avenue 5 also looks like it will derive a lot of comedy class issues, as the elite and pedestrian passengers have to interact with one another. I’m sure the show will also deal with the obvious privilege that Gad’s character is all about.

Avenue 5 looks interesting, engaging and insanely funny as the capacity for hi-jinks on a passenger cruise in space is a wonderful concept brought to life by Iannucci and Laurie.

Avenue 5 premieres on HBO on January 2020. 

Do you think Avenue 5 will repeat the success of Veep? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image via HBO.

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