Grant Gustin In Talks To Extend Flash Contract For Nine Total Seasons
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Grant Gustin In Talks To Extend Flash Contract For Nine Total Seasons

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BY April 30, 2020

One of the best podcasts for fans of superhero television is Inside of You With Michael Rosebaum. His interviews with CW stars like Stephen Amell, Brandon Routh, and (now) Grant Gustin are very revelatory. Of course, as Lex Luthor from Smallville, Rosenbaum is very familiar with being an integral part of a CW series based on DC Comics characters. While his latest interview with the star of The Flash is full of interesting details, one seemed particularly important for fans of the show. Grant Gustin revealed during the interview that, before the shutdown, he was in talks to extend his contract for two more seasons of The Flash. It would give him ten years in the role (counting his two-episode appearance on Arrow as Barry before the accident that turned him into a speedster) and nine total seasons of the show.

There will definitely be a season 7 of The Flash, as the CW continues to be all-in for DC superhero series. Stargirl is set to premiere very soon. We’ve got a new one in Superman & Lois which received a full series order, and Green Arrow and the Canaries will learn its fate sometime next month. With Arrow gone, The Flash is the new flagship series for the Arrowverse. Yet, if the talks resume and go well, we could get at least three more seasons of The Flash. It’s not a done deal, though. Grant Gustin was clear that the talks to extend his The Flash contract were interrupted by the shutdown. It’s also possible that once production on everything resumes, the CW will need to cut costs. Though, if this happens, it will likely affect the newer shows more than it would The Flash.

The Flash Could Definitely Run Longer Than Just Nine Seasons

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It’s possible the talks with Grant Gustin extend his contract for two more seasons might bring about the end of the show. Ten years is a good run for any actor, especially one who gets to play a character as iconic as the Flash. Yet, it’s also possible that Gustin could follow the Supernatural playbook and the series could run for many more years. Yet, even if all we get of this version of the Flash is nine seasons, it’s also a hell of a run and a gift to the fans. Thanks to streaming, this show will live on long past its actual run. And if shows like the 1960s Batman or Smallville hold up over time and changing audiences, so will the Arrowverse shows.

The real trick with comics and TV shows alike, regardless of the genre, is how long to do them. Part of the reason comics got so silly in the late-Silver and early-Bronze age is how many truly ridiculous stories they did. (Though, those stories are the best and most iconic versions of these iconic mythological figures to some readers, because they read them when they were kids.) There is an ever-present fear that a series or character overstays its welcome or, even worse, declines in quality or becomes rote.

The Arrowverse is safe from that, at least for now. The joy with which folks like Gustin talk about their projects suggests that the work is, at least, fulfilling. It’s hard work, especially at crossover time, but the end result hopefully makes that sacrifice worth it.

You can listen to the relevant portion of the podcast below or listen to the whole hour.

What do you think? How long do you hope the series goes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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