Devil May Care Review Brings Adult Humour Into Social Media Era
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Review: Devil May Care Episodes 1 to 3 Bring Adult Humour Into The Social Media Era

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BY February 24, 2021

The newest addition for SYFY’s late-night animation block is the demonic Devil May Care. The adult animation series is a great new show with an impressive star cast. Not to mention a deceptively simple premise. The short bite-sized episodes are excellent at moving things along at a great pace. All the while, outrageous things unfold in the story. And boy, is the story outrageous. And brilliantly so. So check out this Devil May Care review of the first three episodes of the series.

Devil May Care Review Is All About a New Kind Of Hell

Devil May Care review poster. The worst kind of job interview | Image via SYFY.

The fire and brimstone are all gone and Hell is now all gentrified in this new Devil May Care animated series. Seeking to shake things up Devil (Alan Tudyk) revitalizes his domain into a bustling new-age neighborhood full of Kale Salad eateries. But with a new kind of Hell, comes new kinds of hellish challenges. Ok, I’ll keep the ‘hell’ puns to a minimum here. 

Not knowing what the hell to do to keep up with the evolving new vision for Hell he’s created, the Devil gets some help. Enlisting the skills of a newly-arrived citizen, the Devil hires a social media manager named Beans (Asif Ali). Beans’ job is to boost Hell’s profile and bring the biblical domain into the modern-day. The series then follows the adventures of Beans, in a way workplace comedy style set up. Beans’ job is to introduce Hell and its citizens to the wonders and horrible-ness that is social media. With obviously hilarious results. 

The Premise Of Devil May Care Is Unique And Hilarious

Devil May Care review social media The Office, but in Hell! | Image via SYFY.

Devil May Care utilizes the social media premise wonderfully in its insane story, with even crazier characters. There is some commentary on the terrible-ness of social media and how it relates to the worst place in the universe. But those slight jabs at technology and human nature and less preachy and more throwaway gags. The absurdity of the everyday social media user comes up in very clever ways, as Hell embarks on this new technological journey. 

It’s amazing to see demons and the Devil try to navigate live-streaming, the unintentional viral nature and other staples of the networking medium. And how Trolls are an entirely different thing in Hell. Trying to explain the superficial hollowness of networking platforms to someone like the Devil brings with it a layer of comedy that hasn’t been explored much before. Some of the jokes are right there, but they take on a totally different significance in this setting. It’s actually kinda great. The style of humor is silly, fun, incredibly adult. And when added to the gore, violence and sexually explicit plot beats, and there’s something special here. But the best part is that Devil May Care doesn’t try to be anything more than what it is, which is very refreshing. 

The Insane Characters Are The Backbone Of The Show

Devil May Care review cast. Image via SYFY.

Along with Devil, the other characters include, the superintendent of Hell, Gloria (Stephanie Beatriz). Then there is Devil’s number two, President McKinley (Fred Tatasciore), and Regina (Pamela Adlon) is the Devil’s wife. This ensemble of highly memorable characters is really what makes the show so good. And the guest appearances are even more brilliant on top of that. The first three episodes released thus far have included amazing appearances by the likes of Phil LaMarr and Lewis Black. 

Seeing a now married Devil, and his reformed demonic wife struggling to keep her urges in check is kind of hilarious. The show is adept at navigating the more offensive elements of God and a Higher Power. Until it doesn’t and just goes balls out with the offense, totally earning its late-night time slot. 

Devil May Care comes from the mind of the Emmy Award-winning producer and writer behind Robot Chicken and its many specials, Douglas Goldstein. The writer’s previous credits are on full display given this series’ sarcastic and sardonic type of humor. Even more so when blending the moments of serious or emotional plot beats, mostly originating from Beans’ story arc. This Devil May Care review definitely makes it rank up there in the company of other late night greats that dare to shock and awe, without doing so gratuitiously. 

Devil May Care review family. Image via SYFY.

Devil May Care airs on SYFY’s TZGZ block on Sundays at 12:00 AM EST. 

Featured image via SYFY. 

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