DC Universe & HBO Max Join for New Slate of Greg Berlanti Shows?
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DC Universe and HBO Max to Team Up for New Slate of Greg Berlanti Shows: Rumor

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BY May 20, 2022

There is no television producer as prolific as Warner Bros.’ Greg Berlanti. He has a record 15 series on-the-air right now. From the Arrowverse to series like Blindspot and the regrettably named God Friended Me, chances are you’ve watched at least one of his shows. However, if a new rumor circulating on spoiler-friendly social media is true, DC Universe and HBO Max will team-up to bring a new slate of shows from Greg Berlanti to their service. The rumor also suggests that Berlanti will be able to produce original films for HBO Max based on concepts rejected by Warner Bros. Now, because this is a rumor, we should be very skeptical about whether or not this is true. In fact, this could just be a bit of educated guesswork on behalf of the leaker.

What the Leaks Say About Greg Berlanti’s New Slate of Shows for HBO Max and DC Universe

Greg Berlanti New Slate of Shows for HBO Max and DC Universe Robin Image via DC Universe

As we reported during Comic-Con, the critically acclaimed Doom Patrol will be shared by HBO Max and DC Universe. However, the leaker—a Reddit user who goes by the handle Vullein070—says that “in the next few weeks” HBO Max and Greg Berlanti will announce a new slate of shows for themselves and, possibly, DC Universe. The rumor says that Titans is not necessarily part of this deal, and social media posts from the actors who’ve wrapped filming suggest that a third season is not guaranteed. The biggest problem for Titans, according to the rumor, is that they planned to kill Jason Todd (for real this time) but the powers-that-be will not let them use the Joker. In the comics, the Joker’s murder (or attempted murder, comics!) of Robin is a seminal moment for both the villain and Batman.

Along with the new series, Berlanti reportedly has about 10 films in development, of which at least three will “definitely be made.” Some of the titles in development relate to characters on shows already, such as Martian Manhunter who is part of Supergirl and Superboy who is on Titans. Other names like Adam Strange, the Question, and Blue Beetle are also in the mix, according to the leaker.

Is the Leaker Reliable?

Greg Berlanti New Slate of Shows for HBO Max and DC Universe Image via CW

The leaker is new on the Reddit scene and started their own subreddit based on just their leaks. Though, so far, all this person has leaked are episode titles for Titans. Their posts also showed up around the time other leakers released that information. They might have access to the same sources. Or this person is merely sharing others’ leaks along with their own wishful or educated guesses. Still, it’s not a big swing. Greg Berlanti will develop shows for HBO Max and DC Universe. Berlanti signed a $400 million deal with Warner Bros. TV last year, and that contract rewards him for being prolific. With HBO Max hungry for content and DC Universe trying to find a space in the crowded world of streaming, it makes perfect sense he will produce new series.

At the end of the month, HBO Max will have an event meant to promote their original series and things they are streaming, like Batwoman or Friends. That Berlanti will produce four films aimed at young adults has also been confirmed. Either way, it seems that comics fans will get a lot more DC Content from Greg Berlanti.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Do you believe the leaker or are they just making educated gambles?

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