Truth Seekers Comic-Con At Home Teaser Homages X-Files
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Comic-Con At Home: Simon Pegg And Nick Frost’s Truth Seekers Teaser Homages X-Files

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BY July 24, 2020

One of the best things out of this year’s Comic-Con At Home is Amazon Prime Video’s Truth Seekers teaser. The brand new series sees the return of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to their horror-comedy roots. The series is a supernatural ghost hunting show that looks like it spoofs similarly themed reality shows. Although the cast and crew do talk about the show as being much more than that. So let’s break down the Truth Seekers Comic-Con At Home teaser.

Amazon Prime Video’s Truth Seekers Teaser Is Quirky Ghosty Fun

Truth Seekers Comic-Con At Home panel Emma. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

Truth Seekers is Amazon Prime Video’s UK produced series about ghost hunting. Nick Frost appears as a broadband internet installer who moonlights as a ghost hunter. The panel refers to a loss in his life that causes him to search out the supernatural beings for his own purposes. His exploits are also documented on his channel, called Truth Seekers, for a YouTube-like platform.

Joining Frost is Emma D’arcy and Samson Kayo as his sidekick assistants. Pegg appears in a brief role as Frost’s internet provider boss, who sends him on assignments at the beginning of every episode. He is basically like Charlie to Frost’s Angels. He even admitted during the Truth Seekers Comic-Con At Home panel discussion that he’s not in the show very much. But his involvement with the show, along with Frost is still the most interesting aspect of Truth Seekers.

Truth Seekers Comic-Con At Home Panel More Interesting Than Teaser

The Truth Seekers Comic-Con At Home panel opened with the brand new teaser for the show. The teaser focuses on mostly a sizzle reel style of images and footage from the show without much context. The one-liners from Frost are completely on-brand for his style of comedy, while the show itself looks interesting and unique. It’s like if The X-Files featured protagonists who had no idea what they were doing. 

The panel’s host was Empire magazine’s Chris Hewitt and included Pegg and Frost, along with co-writers James Serafinowicz and Nat Saunders. The discussion that followed illuminated the influences behind the show, the experiences during shooting, and hilarious asides as the cast and crew went off on tangents. One of the more interesting elements of Truth Seekers is how the show made it a point to use practical effects and shoot on location. Instead of building creepy and scary sets, they scouted real-life locations of abandoned hospitals and supposedly haunted bunkers. You can see the full panel at the bottom of this post.

How The X-Files Inspired Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers Comic-Con At Home panel Simon Pegg. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

The show’s other writers all did mention during the panel how X-Files was one of the bigger influences for the series. Truth Seekers’ tagline is also similar to that of The X-Files; “The truth is way, way out there.” Co-writer Serfainowicz even ends the panel recounting his own personal experience with seeing a UFO, which he believes was totally real. Besides that, the show is also inspired by Pegg and Frost’s real-life ghost hunting missions in their youth.

Pegg and Frost have been friends for years, and have worked together for a long time. Their feature film collaboration with the horror-comedy spoof Shaun Of The Dead was a massive success. Following that was another spoof in the action-comedy Hot Fuzz. So it’s amazing to see them return to their roots in another project together. However, despite being just a teaser Truth Seekers looked incredibly bland, the one-liners notwithstanding. The panel discussions itself felt funnier and wittier than the first look of the show. It’s the comedy team of Pegg and Frost that is the selling point for Truth Seekers. So despite the okay-ish teaser, it’s a show that I’m keenly waiting, just for the horror-comedy antics of those two alone. Even if we only get brief cameos from Pegg.

Truth Seekers releases on Amazon Prime Video later this year. 

So what did you think of the Truth Seekers Comic-Con At Home teaser? Let us know in the comments below. 

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