Arcane Official Trailer: Riot Games’ League Of Legends Adaptation
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Riot Games’ League Of Legends Comes To Netflix In Arcane Official Trailer

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BY April 29, 2022

The massive multiplayer phenomenon from Riot Games is getting an official animated adaptation. Revealed at the recent Netflix TUDUM fan event, the Arcane official trailer showcases a breathtaking and brilliant world that comes from the games but looks to expand well beyond it. The League Of Legends video games have been a huge success, spawning almost a multi-media franchise that also has a publishing arm and now a TV side of things as well. The Arcane official trailer and release will be timed following the League Of Legends World Finals. Honestly, despite the obvious tie-in to the gaming side of the franchise, and what feels like a promotional attempt, the Arcane official trailer looks incredible!

What Is Riot Games And The League Of Legends? 

Arcane official trailer sad Image via Riot Games.

League Of Legends is a multiplayer online game that took off as a follow-up to games like World Of Warcraft or DOTA. The game from Riot Games is completely free, with in-game purchases that allow players to level up their characters with items and customizations. League Of Legends since its debut in 2009 is now a huge online gaming event that even has tournaments and competitions. The Arcane official trailer and release will be coinciding with the League’s World Finals. The animated show will release following the Finals, with other acts that will release subsequently as separate parts of the series. 

But really, more so than anything else, the Arcane official trailer looks absolutely breathtaking and stunning. More so than any other animated series on Netflix that I’ve seen thus far. And it has a lot to do with its animation style and a story that looks very familiar, but also very unique in the world that the show is creating. 

Arcane Official Trailer Has An Intriguing Premise

Scene Image via Riot Games.

The trailer kicks off a story about two sisters. One sister went to the dark side, for lack of a better phrase, the other has to find and redeem her. The world itself sees a divide between the rich and poor. While the status quo works for the powerful, the underprivileged are also struggling. But the creation of a special type of technology that can control magic threatens to overthrow this power dynamic, plunging the world into chaos. The official description comes from the show’s co-creator. 

“Arcane is a story of duality. How characters become divided across two halves of a city with values and opportunities that are opposite but complementary. Each with their own merits and flaws. You may be the hero in your story, but the villain in someone else’s,” —Alex Yee, Arcane Co-Creator.

The Arcane Official Trailer Has Incredible Animation Style

Arcane official trailer action Image via Riot Games.

The most unique aspect of the Arcane official trailer is its totally innovative animation style and how it looks amazing. The animation feels like a blend of hand-drawn 2D sketches, made into motion animation. The look of the show feels more like the commercials that we see for video games. But more often than not, the gameplay rarely lives up to the graphics of those cinematic ads. Whereas the Arcane official trailer seems to provide an actual series set in that style. 

The story even follows known characters from the games. The series means to track their path to the champions that fans already know them as. The Arcane official trailer looks breathtaking in its scope and I’m expecting some big things from the new animated series. I guess we’ll find out how the show lives up to these massive expectations upon its release. 

Arcane premieres on Netflix on November 6. 

Are you excited for this amazing-looking video game adaptation in animated form? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 

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