New Mutants Comic Con At Home Trailer Proves No Stopping Them
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There’s No Stopping The New Mutants In New Comic Con At Home Trailer

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BY March 24, 2022

It feels like we’ve already seen so much of The New Mutants movie before its release. With multiple delays, you’d think that there’s nothing new that the movie can do to get us excited. But you have to love the can-do spirit of this, the last X-Men movie of the Fox regime. It refuses to go away and constantly surprises us. Everyone involved with The New Mutants, deserves a standing ovation for their persistence in trying to get their work seen. The New Mutants Comic Con At Home trailer continues that noble pursuit, promoting a new upcoming panel for the virtual Con.

The Last X-Men Adjacent Movie Is Already Legendary Even Before Its Release

New Mutants Comic Con At Home trailer featured Illyana. Image via Screen Grab.

The New Mutants was the last spin-off from 20th Century Fox of their X-Men franchise, which began development in 2015. The movie faced countless delays during shooting, and then even more with reshoots. Its release date moved back multiple times. The biggest delay was during the Fox-Disney merger, when the movie’s fate was totally uncertain with Marvel Studios surely planning to reboot the X-Men universe. By 2020, the movie finally readied to hit theatres in the summer. Then, COVID-19 hit and the movie suffered another delay, along with every other movie looking to play on a big screen this year.

Over the years trade industry pundits and analysts mulled over The New Mutants’ fate. Many thought it would be a VOD release, while others expected it to come on Disney+. But it seems like the movie just won’t go away. With SDCC going virtual, also due to COVID-19, a New Mutants Comic Con At Home trailer promises that there be more to this movie than we expected. (Especially since they’ve had time to perfect the visual effects.) 

The New Mutants Comic Con At Home Trailer Gets Meta

New Mutants Comic Con At Home trailer fight Image via Screen Grab.

While all the other trailers showcased much of the story, the new trailer takes a different approach. The New Mutants are about a group of mutant kids that are in a hospital to treat their abilities. However, they soon realize that there are other nefarious agendas at work and that their well-being is the least of the hospital’s concerns. It almost always felt like a darker X-Men, only instead of the Professor they get Nurse Ratched. 

Previous trailers teased the superpowers of the lead cast while also selling the film as a horror piece. But after countless trailers, what new approach could they have taken? Well, the New Mutants Comic Con At Home trailer basically just gets meta by addressing all the delays and obstacles. The tagline that plays near the end of the trailer makes it all explicitly clear: “Nothing will stop The New Mutants.”

New Trailer Introduces The Cast Again In More Detail

The New Mutants Comic Con At Home trailer is a short one, but it introduces us to the main cast in a new way. The trailer begins with the hospital already established as a bad place. And how their time there will see their fears used against them. Then we see sequences of each character tormented by what they are afraid of, identifying them by name. The characters include Rahne (Maisie Williams) as Wolfsbane, whose attitudes towards mutation is tied with up with her religious beliefs.

Charlie Heaton plays original X-Force member Sam Guthrie or Cannonball. Blu Hunt plays Danielle Moonstar who goes by Mirage, for obvious reasons. Rounding out the cast, Henry Zaga plays Sunspot, Roberto da Costa, a mutant that can manipulate solar energy. The big star is, of course, Illyana Rasputin played by Anya Taylor-Joy. Not only is she the sister of Deadpool’s Colossus, she’s also Magik one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe.

There is still a lot in The New Mutants that should be of interest to audiences outside of its production woes. The more I see, the more interested I am in the actual movie itself. The panel at Comic Con At Home will feature the director, Josh Boone, along with members of the cast. We may possibly get some inside info as to how the delays of the film affected them, and how it could, if at all, affect our viewing experience. 

The New Mutants Comic Con At Home panel begins on July 23 at 2 PM PT.  

What did you think of The New Mutants Comic Con At Home trailer? Let us know in the comments below. 

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