All The Best Comic-Con Cosplay in 2019 from San Diego (And Social Media)

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BY July 25, 2019

So, we took to social media to find all the best Comic-Con cosplay in 2019 from homemade masterpieces to full-on movie replicas. As everyone knows, cosplay is serious business. People put a lot time and effort into their costumes, wearing them with pride on the floor San Diego Comic-Con. Thanks to social media, their looks can last forever. Below find our list of about two dozen of our favorite costumes that came to the annual event in 2019.

Luke Cage and Agent Carter

Marvel’s television characters got some love on the Comic-Con floor, with these two unidentified cosplayers dressing up as two fan-favorites. The (Power) man on the left rocks the bullet-riddled t-shirt of Luke Cage. The cosplayer on the right rocks Agent Peggy Carter’s SSR uniform from Captain America: The First Avenger. The big screen characters get a lot of love, but with two seasons apiece for each of these characters, it’s no wonder fans love to dress up like them.

Stranger Things Scoops Ahoy!

Stranger Things only just came out in 2019, but the cosplay from season three is already in full force. The best Comic-Con cosplay strives for accuracy and fun, and these two costumes hit both categories. From the Russian-to-English dictionary to the disaffected look on “Robin’s” face at the dingus she’s stuck working with, this cosplay works. Now, if only they can get us free ice cream for life.

Good Vibes From This Good Omens Cosplay

Good Omens tells the story about a demon and an angel who are best friends, a little bit in love, and big fans of living on Earth. These two unidentified cosplayers are heaven-sent for their screen-accurate representations of Aziraphale and Crowley. A Comic-Con without these two wouldn’t be the end of the world, but now that they’ve shown up it just might be!

Best Comic-Con Cosplay Is Perfectly Balanced, As All Things Should Be

This incredible cosplay brings the entirely computer-generated character of Thanos to life. Created by Walter Welsh with help from the Cinema Makeup School, a search for the best cosplay at Comic-Con in 2019 always brings us back to him. This kind of cosplay takes incredible commitment and doesn’t always leave the wearer room to sit down and enjoy the panels. However, there is no MCU fan who would see this Thanos and not feel a little joy. Well done Walter, not only did you impress us but you probably made everyone’s con a little brighter. Now, if you could only snap away half of the line waiting to get into Hall H for that Phase 4 panel.

It’s A Hot Girl (Joker Cosplay) Summer

Who says that dressing up like a homicidal clown who routinely gives Batman the fits means you can’t be sexy while doing it. Cosplayer Marianne Fredericks loves the Joker like most fans, and this year she put her own spin on the Clown Prince of Crime. And, gender-bending characterization or not, something about the choice to put the Joker in Batman-themed bikini briefs feels very on-brand. We may see too much of the Joker in the comics sometime, but cosplayers can’t get enough of him.

Mortal Kosplay: 2019 Fandom For Video Game Franchise Still Intense

The forthcoming Mortal Kombat movie will feature all the bloody goodness people love from the video game. Part of the reason it’s taken so long to get a Mortal Kombat movie is because the characters are so strange looking you need a lot of special effects. These three cosplayers, however, nailed the look of their favorite characters from the game, extra arms and all. If you ran into them you’d probably not want to fight but you would tell them to “get over here” and take a selfie.

Not A Robot, Not A Lady, But Janet From The Good Place

Sometimes, the best Comic-con cosplay is as simple as finding an outfit. This young woman dressed up as Darcy Carden’s automaton character Janet. Not a robot and not a woman, Janet is an all-powerful being who just wants to help her friends on The Good Place get into, well, the “good place.” Only four seasons into the show, it will be coming to an end, sadly. So, that means if you are going to get your Good Place cosplay on, now is the time.

Bro Thor Hits Comic-Con, Where’s The Beer?

The final Avengers movie made a lot of people happy and, especially with the Phase 4 announcements, Marvel really stepped up its representation. However, Bro Thor (as he’s officially called) gave tubby dudes with beer bellies the chance to have a superhero bod. It also makes for some of the best cosplay at Comic-Con in 2019. It’s unclear if this particular Bro Thor is au naturale or if he’s padded, but either way there is no doubt who he portrays. But please, if you see one crying, don’t slap him.

Movie Accurate Deadpool, Comics Accurate Domino at Comic-Con

Sometimes the best cosplay at Comic-Con is indistinguishable from the real thing. This movie-accurate Deadpool outfit is one of those costumes. If the unknown cosplayer could talk as Ryan Reynolds, he could have fooled everyone that he was the real deal. Next to him is a Domino cosplayer, who instead of aping the Zazie Beetz version of the character, she’s gone for a more comic-accurate mash-up. She doesn’t have the bleached-white skin of that character, but she does sport the signature black eye. These two could be professionals, only instead of killing people it’s delighting them with their committed cosplay.

The Best Juggernaut Cosplay of 2019 (And All The Rest of the Years)

We’ve seen the Juggernaut in two X-films with varying degrees of success. Yet this unknown cosplayer is one of the best Juggernaut cosplayers ever to grace the floor of Comic-Con. This comics-accurate outfit evokes the insane size that Juggernaut is supposed to have. As a normal human being (we think) this cosplayer had to use some interesting trickery to get that effect. Still, anyone who saw this Juggy walking through the convention floor just had to snap a picture. Just don’t try to stop him!

Laura Palmer Wrapped In Plastic A Perfectly Creepy Twin Peaks Cosplay

Twin Peaks is one of the weirdest shows out there, so it only makes sense the cosplay would also be weird. Here we see an unknown cosplayer as Laura Palmer as she appeared in the premiere episode. The detail is amazing, including the grains of sand on her face. The actual Laura Palmer washed up on shore in Twin Peaks’ pilot, so the dedication to accuracy is what makes this some of the best Comic-Con cosplay of 2019. The unknown cosplayer even somewhat favors actress Sheryl Lee who played the troubled teen.

Doctor Who Deep Cuts: The Emoji Robots From Tenth Series Episode

One thing that makes some cosplay better than others is if it is a deep-cut character. Elizabeth Wallace and her friend Kathyrn took Comic-Con by storm as the adorable emoji robots from the tenth series of Doctor Who. So, if you see them frowning at you, it probably means they are judging you for not dressing up. Hopefully it doesn’t mean they are about to incinerate you as the robots in the show did to the Doctor and Bill Potts.

Wakanda Forever: Twin Shuri Cosplay Takes Comic-Con By Storm

It’s no question that the heart of the first Black Panther film wasn’t the titular hero, but his tech-genius and all-around badass sister Shuri. Rather than fighting like Killmonger and T’Challa over who would get to cosplay as her, these two sisters both dressed up like their hero. From her iconic face-makeup to her powerful gauntlets, these two twin Shuris are shoe-ins for some of 2019’s best Comic-Con cosplay. So many people love this character, but we love these costumes.

Miles Morales Jumps From the Spider-Verse To The Iron Throne

Best Comic-Con Cosplay
Image via Twitter

Some of the best Comic-con cosplay also involves mash-ups of different properties. This shows the Into The Spider-Verse Spidey sitting on the Iron Throne. And, truly, who has a better story than Miles Morales? In the tweet where the image originated from, there’s also a picture of Miles with a stern-looking Daenerys Stormborn. You can also see another image of Walter Welsh as Thanos which is, dare we say, inevitable.

I Said, Show Me the Real Captain America…

When Avengers: Endgame finally quantum jumps its way out of theaters, that’s the last we’ll see of Chris Evans’s take on Steve Rogers, Captain America. The best cosplay at Comic-Con isn’t always exact adaptations of characters but sometimes it’s those who make them their own. Known on Instagram as Hot Glue Burns, this indigenous hero is Captain Native America. The brilliant costume instantly evokes the traditional Cap outfit, but a closer look reveals a number of inspirations from Native American culture. This is one cosplay we’d love to see a full-on comic about.

Greta Gremlin Is Here To Make You Fall In Love With Her

Gremlins was a classic 1980s horror and comedy movie. Its sequel, Gremlins 2: The New Batch was also a movie. While it’s not nearly as beloved as its predecessor it did give us a whole new batch, pardon the pun, of fun Gremlin characters. Greta is easily one of the most iconic, with her full red lips and take-no-prisoners attitude. Almost 30 years after the character debuted, she’s a part of the best Comic-Con cosplay in 2019. Perhaps this movie’s legacy is more indelible than we thought.

Literal Best Comic-Con Cosplay of 2019

Anyone who made the trek to San Diego to see their favorite actors or creators know the harsh pain of getting there too late to even get in line for the event. So, this best Comic-con cosplay in 2019 is cosplay actually related to comic-con. This unknown cosplayer holds the sign that any fan dreads to see saying that the line for an event is “capped” meaning there is no more room in the panel hall. Luckily, those who stick around late at night can pile into Hall H as they replay the day’s most exciting stuff.

The Walking Dead’s Glenn May Be Gone But He’s Not Forgotten

Glenn was one of the original castmembers on The Walking Dead, and he met an ignominious end at the hands of Negan and Lucille. Still, his simple optimism and can-do attitude made him a fan-favorite for many people. So, since Glenn’s character is Asian, it also means a lot for representation in the horror and sci-fi genre. The above Twitter user’s simple attire shows that you don’t need to spend lots of money to have some of the best Comic-Con cosplay in 2019 or any time.

Hide Your Cats, Alf Is In The Building

Look, is this really the best cosplay at Comic-Con in 2019? Not really. It’s simply a purchased costume and not even a great one at that. But, come on, it’s Alf! This ridiculous character was the “star” of a 1980s prime-time sitcom that lasted for four seasons. As a strange alien from the planet Melmac, Alf became a part of a suburban American family, getting into mix-ups and scrapes. It was a weird little show and it’s good to see people keeping the spirit of this fuzzy alien goofball alive.

Bonus Good Girl Venom Cosplay!

Best Comic-Con cosplay in 2019
Image via Twitter

Who says the best Comic-Con cosplay in 2019 is exclusive to humans? This very good girl dressed up in a full Venom cosplay, apparently to match her human’s. So, this ingenious get-up features white mesh on the eyes so the doggo can see. There is also the long tongue and teeth just where her snout pops out. It’s amazing that any dog would wear this mask for a second, but this very good girl seems ready to rock her Venom-inspired look all day. It may be among the best Comic-Con cosplay of 2019, but it’s definitely the best dog cosplay we’ve seen!

Featured image by William Tung via Flickr

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