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Who Is Savant? A Look At The Suicide Squad Characters

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BY April 8, 2022

The Suicide Squad trailer dropped earlier this year and the movie is premiering in a little over a month, so fans everywhere are hoping to learn more about some of the new characters that were introduced. We’re here to help! I’m continuing my series of posts looking at each of the new characters in The Suicide Squad and in today’s post I’m going to investigate: who is Savant?

Who Is Savant And What Are His Powers?

Savant first appeared in Birds of Prey #56 (August, 2003) as the spoiled heir to a huge fortune. He moved to Gotham City to become a vigilante, but Batman later discouraged this career move because he lacked the compassion to actually help and protect others. Instead, he turned to a life of crime by creating a highly successful blackmailing operation.

In terms of Savant’s powers, he’s very business savvy and is a wiz with any kind of computer operation. He’s also a master martial artist and can speak several different languages. Unfortunately, due to a chemical imbalance in his brain, Savant has a non-linear memory and tends to forget things.

The Beginnings Of Savant

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Savant (alias: Brian Durlin) was created by Gail Simone and artist Ed Benes. As mentioned before, he was a rich dude who thought he could be a vigilante, but instead became a supervillain instead. His main partner in his blackmailing business was an ex-Russian KGB agent named Creote who is totally devoted to him.

The Savant character is mainly associated with the Birds of Prey, first as an antagonist and later as a questionable ally. He first kidnapped Black Canary hoping to find out Batman’s real identity from Barbara Gordan (who used the codename Oracle). After they defeated him, Oracle attempted to rehabilitate him, mainly as a way to have access to his hundreds of files on other villains.

In 2011, Savant was rebooted in DC’s New 52 as a member of Amanda Waller’s new Suicide Squad, where he was part of the group tasked with tracking down Harley Quinn, which sounds much more in line with James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad debuts in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6, 2021

Are you excited to see what Savant is capable of in The Suicide Squad? Let us know in the comments!

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