Untitled Walking Dead Movie Trailer - Rick Grimes Return
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Untitled Walking Dead Movie Trailer Teases Rick Grimes Return

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BY May 20, 2022

With all due respect to the late, great George Romero, Friday at Comic-Con is the “Day of the (Walking) Dead.” After the news dropped that Fear the Walking Dead earned a sixth season, the Untitled Walking Dead movie dropped a teaser trailer hinting at the return of Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln. Until now, most of us assumed that the Rick Grimes features would premiere on the AMC Network. Yet, instead of a made for television film, the Untitled Walking Dead movie takes aim at the big screen.

This comes as a surprise. At Comic-Con’s sister event, WonderCon, Scott Gimple told fans to look for the films “most probably” on AMC. Yet, the Untitled Walking Dead movie trailer clearly states we will see it “only in theaters.” It’s possible that it will be a limited release to appear on the network soon after. Yet, if a success, the Walking Dead could take over the box office. AMC Networks is one of the few media companies not floating the idea of their own streaming service, which could explain the theater-release play.

Didn’t Andrew Lincoln Leave the Show?

Casual fans of The Walking Dead (or those who abandoned the series) may be confused. They likely saw the headlines that Andrew Lincoln left the series, assuming Rick Grimes met his ultimate fate at the hands of Negan or a walker. Instead, storytellers surprised everyone by sending Rick off in a helicopter from an unknown entity in this new world. Those mysteries are what a planned series of films will unveil, including a look at the larger post-apocalyptic world. Creator of The Walking Dead comic Robert Kirkman told another comic book site that the movies are “more succinct, more spectacle.” Gimple promised at least a trilogy, but hinted that there could be more, as well as feature-length stories not focused on Grimes. It seems that AMC plans to go all-in on a full “universe” surrounding the eponymous walking dead.

What Do We Know About the Untitled Walking Dead Movie?

Beyond that the film will feature Rick Grimes and premiere in theaters, we don’t know much. Details about the projects are scant, especially since AMC wants to highlight all the other Dead spin-offs. There is the aforementioned Fear the Walking Dead, and a new series will debut in 2020. This one promises to be a coming-of-age tale following characters who only really know the post-apocalyptic world. Gimple envisions a world where a number of civilizations banded together to survive, and he wants to tell the story about how the world reconnects after the dead take over. Still, everything seems to hang on this Untitled Walking Dead movie. If the franchise can make the jump from the small-screen to the big ones, it will live on for a long, long time.

What do you think? Are you excited for the Untitled Walking Dead movie? What did you think of the preview trailer? Tell us in the comments below or by sharing the article on social media.

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