The New Mutants Will Be Released, New Trailer Coming in January
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The New Mutants Will Be Released, New Trailer Coming in January After Disney Merger with Fox

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BY December 24, 2019

The poorly reviewed (but underrated) X-Men: Dark Phoenix was the last film in the 20th Century Fox era of Marvel’s mutant movies. However, it wasn’t supposed to be. Before Disney purchased 20th Century Fox this year, The New Mutants was to be the first in a branch of spin-off films based on Marvel characters. Originally set for release in April of 2018, the film kept being pushed back until fans wondered if the film wouldn’t be released at all. Well, director Josh Boone promised a trailer for The New Mutants is coming in January, meaning the film will be released. (Maybe?)

The whole situations about whether The New Mutants will or will not be released is complicated beyond just date changes. Currently set for a release of April 3, 2020, The New Mutants is the only Disney film about to be released with no marketing campaign to speak of. A pair of trailers were released some time ago, but as the dates shuffled it seemed like the film would never see the light of day. Some speculated that it may end up as a Disney+ original, but Disney insists it will be released to theaters.

What Is The New Mutants and Why Has It Not Been Released Yet?

The New Mutants was to be the first released in a trilogy set in the Marvel mutant universe but leaning more towards horror than a typical superhero action romp. The film reportedly underwent extensive reshoots, causing it to miss its initial release date in 2018. It then ended up rescheduled two more times, because it would have ended up competing with Deadpool 2 or X-Men: Dark Phoenix which were in theaters at the same time. Simon Kinberg, who’s written for Star Wars and directed Dark Phoenix, envisioned the The New Mutants as a horror trilogy or series of films that would use superpowers as a way into different horror styles. However, with the sale of Fox to Disney and the flop of the final X-men film, all those plans disappeared like Nightcrawler.

Still, if Disney wants The New Mutants released in theaters, it seems strange they are not promoting the film at all. Sure, they’ve had a busy couple of months with Frozen 2 and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Still, the dearth of promotion for a film already more than a year past it’s initial release date does not bode well. Nonetheless, Boone revealed that a new trailer for the film drops sometime in January. He responded to a user’s comment on an Instagram photo of Stephen King’s new book. “Soooooon. January,” he wrote in reply to a user’s request for a new trailer.

What do you think? Will The New Mutants be released in theaters or should they just put it on Disney+? Check out the old trailer and let us know what you think in the comments.

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