Justice League Snyder Cut Cast Reactions To The Release
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The Justice League Cast Reacts To The Snyder Cut Release On HBO Max

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BY February 6, 2021

Justice League Snyder Cut cast reactions to the release of the movie wonderfully supports the new announcement. The mythical Snyder Cut is finally coming in the form of an HBO Max streaming release in 2021. The announcement by Snyder himself has managed to spark a wave of reactions from industry insiders and fans. Most importantly, the Justice League Snyder Cut cast reactions to the news are the most supportive. Especially after so long since the theatrical release. 

Superman Helps Announce The Justice League Snyder Cut

The Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill was the first to react to the news of the Justice League Snyder cut. To be fair, he was sort of in on the announcement himself, seeing how Snyder revealed it after a Man Of Steel online watch party. Cavill was previously not as vocal as the other Justice League cast members, given that his future in the DCEU seemed unsure at one point in time. But glad to see that Cavill is very much involved with Snyder, and is behind the release of the Justice League Snyder Cut. 

Aquaman Celebrates For Justice League Snyder Cut

Of all the cast members of Justice League, Jason Momoa, who played Aquaman, is probably the most vocal. The actor’s care-free attitude and everyman persona allows him to be a lot less, let’s say dimplomatic, than the others. He has often demanded the Snyder Cut, along with fans, with similar passion. So it’s only natural that Momoa did some celebrating for the release on his Instagram page, now that Snyder Cut will premiere on HBO Max,

Snyder Called Ray Fisher Following Announcement Of Snyder Cut

 In an exclusive THR report, Snyder discussed how Ray Fisher was one of the first people he called to confirm the release of the Snyder Cut. It only seems appropriate, given that Fisher’s Cyborg became the character most underserved by the theatrical cut. Many reports, as well as footage seen in the trailer before Snyder’s departure, show that Cyborg’s story was much larger than the end result. There was also a Cyborg movie in development but got shelved, most likely due to the reduced significance of the character in Justice League. 

Ben Affleck Done With Batman But Not With Snyder Cut

Lastly, and probably the most ringing endorsement of the Snyder Cut came from Ben Affleck. Affleck went out of his way to record a video for his friend and collaborator Kevin Smith’s podcast, Fatman Beyond. In the video, Affleck lends his support for Snyder’s vision, adding his excitement at the release. 


This is pretty significant, given the backlash, eventual redemption and sheer crap that Affleck got for playing Batman. Not to mention the emotional trauma that playing the character had on the actor. Affleck has openly discussed how the role of Batman, in his two (and a half if you count the cameo in Suicide Squad) appearances in the DCEU had a negative impact. The solo-Batman movie that now has Robert Pattinson in the lead, was originally meant to be Affleck’s Batman movie. The plan was for Affleck write and direct the film when ultimately, things fizzled out. So for him to support the Justice League Snyder Cut, years after his involvement, definitely proves the loyalty he had for the project.  

The Snyder cut will premiere on HBO Max in 2021. 

What did you think of the Justice League Snyder cut cast reactions? Reach out to us on our social media handles and let us know. 

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