The Guilty Official Trailer Is Already Making Me Anxious And Frantic
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Jake Gyllenhaal’s The Guilty Trailer Is Already Making Me Anxious And Frantic

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BY April 29, 2022

Doing suspense nowadays is hard. With audiences desensitized to thrillers, horror, and just all genres of film, conventional suspense based on dialogue and atmosphere is difficult. If it’s not Tarantino, at least. So when something like The Guilty official trailer comes along, which manages to freak out even the most cynical of entertainment writers like myself, it’s kind of exciting. Now add to that the fact that the movie also has some incredible pedigree, both in front of and behind the camera. The Guilty official trailer is a perfect example of how to get audiences excited for a movie, by showing the least amount of footage possible.

It’s The Director Of Training Day With The Writer Of True Detective

Poster Image via Netflix.

The Guilty is directed by Antoine Fuqua from a sript written by Nic Pizzoletto from True Detective. Training Day is by far one of the best dramatic movies of all time. Both the leading men rightfully received Oscar nominations for their performances in the movie directed by filmmaker Antoine Fuqua. With Denzel Washington even winning the Best Actor award that year. And on the smaller screen, HBO’s True Detective revolutionized the kind of stories that was possible on television. And, at the same time, changed how stars saw such content on TV, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson legitimizing TV roles. So when both these guys get together for an original Netflix movie, we all should sit up and take notice.

Showcasing their names on The Guilty official trailer makes all the difference in touting the behind-the-camera talent for a movie like this. Especially seeing how the trailer itself, if directed by anyone else, might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it totally works for anyone who is riveted and entranced by strong dialogue and effective off-screen action. And I’m not sure if most of the movie will be in that way, but it’s definitely an innovative and creative approach to a suspense movie.

How The Guilty Official Trailer Builds Suspense And Captures Audiences’ Attentions

The Guilty official trailer Mirror. Image via Netflix.

The Guilty official trailer begins with a montage of the life of a 911 operator, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. We hear all the highs of his job, like the serious emergencies he has to deal with. But we also get the lows, such the prank calls and time wasters. But one specific call grabs his attention and leads him spiralling toward a potentially dangerous situation. With social media, there are a lot of tips online for victims to contact friends, family and even strangers through coded messages if they’re ever in a dangerous situation. Similarly, Gyllenhaal’s character gets a call from a woman pretending to be talking to her child, as he verifies that she is in danger.

This sends him down a rabbit hole of trying to save this woman, and her child from a dangerous person. The Guilty official trailer then walks us through the various ways that this is difficult for him, up to and leading to how the limitations of his job prevent him from saving her. Or even attempting to. It’s honestly a riveting trailer that had me on the edge of my seat. The idea of someone in danger, just beyond your reach, is helplessness that anyone can relate to. The way the trailer builds those moments, through just audio dialogue over a black screen, is that much more tense and successful in creating the heart-pounding moments that this movie will surely be full of.

The Guilty premieres on Netflix on October 1.

Did you find The Guilty trailer as nerve-wracking as I did? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image via Netflix.


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