The Adam Project Movie Reaction - Fun Sci-Fi For The Whole Family
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Ryan Reynold’s The Adam Project Movie Reaction – A Fun Sci-Fi Throwback For The Whole Family

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BY April 15, 2022

Ryan Reynolds’ The Adam Project is his newest collaboration with Netflix. While his previous two originals, 6 Underground and Red Notice didn’t entirely work for me, The Adam Project on Netflix does. Albeit, not without its flaws, the movie is almost a throwback to the era of family-friendly sci-fi. It harkens back to things like E.T., or even the more recent Stranger Things. This should come as no surprise given that the film comes from Shawn Levy, one of the directors of the Netflix original series. Teaming up again with Reynolds after Free Guy, Levy creates a fun new movie for the whole family. So read on for our The Adam Project movie reaction.

The Adam Project Movie Reaction Is Completely Spoiler Free

The Adam Project movie reaction Adams. Garner. Image via Netflix.

The Adam Project on Netflix is an original science fiction movie that has its roots steeped in classic movies of that genre. I don’t want to say that it’s derivative, but the movie definitely references a bunch of other movies. Sometimes, just directly saying the movie’s name, which is an interesting approach. Although, I’m not sure how smart it is of the movie to be so transparent about some of its direct influences. However, I’m definitely going to reference all of them in this The Adam Project movie reaction! The story of Ryan Reynold’s The Adam Project is about a man travelling back in time from a dystopian future to prevent a catastrophe, thereby changing the future.

So there we have The Terminator franchise. When he miscalculates his trajectory, he ends up in a different time, accidentally meeting his 12-year old self. Injured and with a damaged time-jet, that only Adam’s (Ryan Reynolds) DNA can access to repair. Due to the plot device of his jet only working through his own DNA, enter pre-pubescent Adam (Walker Scobell), who needs to help grown-up Adam in this mission. It’s a convenient device that actually plays pretty well. But not without its own issues. Since this is a spoiler-free movie reaction of The Adam Project, I won’t go into the details of the mission itself. But It involves the two Adams meeting up with their own father, and saving the universe.

Ryan Reynolds’ The Adam Project Is A Fun Little Adventure Movie

Ryan Reynolds The Adam Project Garner. Image via Netflix.

There is a lot to love in The Adam Project on Netflix. The movie is a true blockbuster in every sense of the word with the action, set pieces, visual effects and larger-than-life sequences. Big Adam has brought bad guys from the future with him, so there are these incredible action scenes with him kicking butt with a lance-like weapon that looks suspiciously like a lightsaber. Something Little Adam even directly refers to. So there we get Star Wars. So Reynolds kicking futuristic butt and having the baddies blood splatter-disintegrate due to some other convenient writing of how dying outside of your time is messy— is awesome! The opening futuristic fighter jet chase and battle sequences totally set the tone for the rest of the movie.

Even the performances are very good. The Adam Project’s cast has a lot of fun together. While initially, it’s like a buddy cop movie with Reynolds and Scobell running around bickering with one another, the supporting cast kicks butt too. In a heartwarming way. Jennifer Garner as Little Adam’s mom trying to raise her troublesome son is sad and endearing. Mark Ruffalo (Endgame) as the dad that suddenly has to deal with two ages of his time travelling son showing up, is hilarious and also very charming.

While Scobell steals the show as a mini Reynolds himself. With Levy’s direction, Scobell doesn’t try to imitate Reynolds’s mannerisms too much, but the parts where they overlap are pretty funny and sweet. Zoe Saldana (Guardians Of The Galaxy) showing up for one of the better action sequences is killer and just very enjoyable. Especially her chemistry with Reynolds. But despite all these good things about the movie, my reaction to The Adam Project can be summed up with one word: more!

The Adam Project’s Runtime Hurts The Movie

Ryan Reynolds The Adam Project fight.. Image via Netflix.

Ryan Reynold’s The Adam Project is a very short movie. It’s a fast watch clocking in at 1 hour and 46 minutes. Which barely allows the (almost) epic story to have any impact on an audience. While it may seem like I’m still coming off of the high of The Batman’s almost 3-hour runtime, this movie’s short run time, I feel, really hurts it. Everything about The Adam Project on Netflix feels brief and truncated. It almost feels like a chunk of the movie was lost in the editing process. And this prevents a lot of the big punches in the story from truly landing or resonating with its audience.

There are some very key emotionally powerful moments between the characters that utilize this cast’s tremendous talent. Scenes that are very well written and acted even better. But because we can’t sit with anything longer than a few seconds, audience has no time to process the emotion of those scenes. There are also many instances where the characters have to stop— mid-action— to explain a quick rule about this world, or provide exposition.

Which feels like it comes due to the small run time. We get almost no explanation about the future that Big Adam comes from, except a throwaway line. Any explanation of the significance of the main threat gets deferred by describing the plot of another time travel movie. Which I won’t mention given this is a spoiler-free movie reaction to The Adam Project. All of it just felt like the creative team was under a deadline to tell this story really fast.

Over All The Adam Project Is A Very Quick But Fun Family Friendly Watch

Ruffalo Image via Netflix.

Despite those issues, I still think Ryan Reynolds’ The Adam Project is a fun movie that you should watch. We discussed in The Batman spoiler podcast how that movie is not fun for kids. Whereas The Adam Project on Netflix is an absolutely kid-friendly movie that’s a load of fun. It might turn out to be an early spring-time blockbuster for the streamer. So much so that maybe fans will spearhead a #ReleaseTheLevyCut movement? A man can hope!

The Adam Project on Netflix premieres on March 11, 2022.

Are you excited for the Free Guy team of Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynold’s next movie? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image via Netflix. 


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