Snake Eyes Official Trailer Feels Like John Wick With Swords
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Not So Silent, But Still Deadly: Snake Eyes Trailer Feels Like John Wick With Swords

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BY May 17, 2021

It’s hard to get excited for another live-action G. I. Joe movie after, whatever those first two movies were. Thought to be launching a franchise, the Joe films were lackluster in execution, story, and performances, despite some of its charming actors. While adapting an 80’s animated franchise, the movies felt like cheesy 80’s action movies, without the nostalgia. So the announcement of a Snake Eyes spin-off did little to get audiences excited. With the attachment of Henry Golding as the titular star, reactions softened slightly. But now, with the release of the Snake Eyes official trailer, I’m totally sold! But let’s temper these gushing moments a little before we get overly excited. 

Snakes Eyes Is A G. I. Joe Origins Movie Now?

Snake Eyes Official Trailer Rain. Image via Paramount Pictures.

G. I. Joe was a massive action figure franchise from the 80’s by Hasbro, catering to the male demographic left neglected by Barbie. Eventually, Hasbro realized they could sell more of the toys if they marketed to their audience directly. They did this by creating an animated action series featuring gimmicky characters, all of whom could be purchased as action figures. This was a similar tactic as used by He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe franchise. The characters themselves all had unique names, based on whatever their action figure gimmick and theme was. They had Ninjas, Army guys, armored bad guys, and so much more. 

All with cool names too, like Gung Ho, Roadblock, Ripper, Snow Job, and thousands of others. And yes, I was absolutely a connoisseur of cases full of Joe toys back in the day. Including the more premium and expensive, fully articulated ones too that you had to save up for, or get on birthdays only. But despite how beloved this franchise was for me, the live-action movies with Channing Tatum in the lead did little to live up to the expectations. The movies suffered from an identity crisis; the makers failed to fully embrace the 80’s vibes of the story, but neither did they update the story enough to make it relevant for today’s audience. The Snake Eyes official trailer looks like it has definitely picked a lane. 

Snakes Eyes Official Trailer Looks Nothing Like The Two Joe Movies Before

Snake Eyes Official Trailer Sword. Image via Paramount Pictures.

The greatest thing about the Snake Eyes official trailer, is that it doesn’t seem to bear any resemblance, in aesthetic or tone, to the two G. I. Joe movies we got before. I can’t overstate how much that’s a good thing. While it’s billed as an ‘official trailer’, the trailer we get from Snake Eyes feels more like a teaser. There is little story or development, but more of just putting its best foot forward, with amazing action, some dialogue from Golding, and a brilliant tease. Now, the character of Snake Eyes is intriguing because he never spoke. He also always wore a head-to-toe black outfit, due to an accident that disfigured his face and damaged his vocal chords.

He is one of the Joe’s best martial artists. Sword and all. He is arguably one of the most popular characters from G. I. Joe. The first Joe movie tried to shoe-horn in a Snake Eyes origin story, but that was one of the things that added to the movie’s overwhelmingly confusing plot and focus. The Snake Eyes official trailer definitely shows Golding speaking, which hardcore fans of the franchise might have an issue with. While there are no apparent connections between this and the other movies, the story implies that it might be a prequel origin. The movie might showcase the story of Snake Eyes disfigurement. But in any case, it’s clear that Snake Eyes isn’t really following the template of its previous movies. It’s its own thing, and that can only serve the movie better, in my opinion. 

The Snake Eyes Official Trailer Is Basically John Wick With Swords

Snake Eyes Official Trailer Lady. Image via Paramount Pictures.

The official trailer for Snake Eyes looks incredible. Removing the G. I. Joe connections, it looks like a general martial arts movie, with a seemingly generic storyline. But the selling point is the really cool set pieces. Golding sword fighting with multiple sword-wielding attackers during a high-speed car chase is incredibly unique and innovative. The overall tone and vibe of the trailer really looks like a John Wick movie, with swords exchanged for guns. The high-flying stunts and weapons-handling abilities of even the supporting actors don’t look cheesy or superficial. Combined with the heart-racing track that the trailer is set to, it completely succeeds in creating an interest for Snake Eyes, which might not have existed before.

Although, the ‘G. I. Joe: Origins’ tag at the end of the trailer does little to maintain that momentum. ‘Origins’ movies as a spin-off of existing franchise never really seem to hit the landing. The most famous example being Wolverine. Hopefully, Snake Eyes has more redeeming factors than that trainwreck. It’s also a little curious as to how this franchise might continue. If the story is a prequel that might end by revealing how and why Snake Eyes covers his face, what potential is there for sequels? I don’t see Golding returning to be in a movie where he is neither seen nor heard. I guess we’ll have to wait for the film to figure out those details. 

Snakes Eyes releases in theatres on July 23. 

Did the new Snake Eyes official trailer do anything to get you excited for the movie? Let us know where you stand on this G. I. Joe origins movie in the comments below. 

Featured image via Paramount Pictures. 


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