Ron’s Gone Wrong Official Trailer Is About Friendship In The Wrong Places
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Ron’s Gone Wrong Official Trailer Is About Finding Friendship In The Wrong Places

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BY September 10, 2021

What looks like Disney’s answer to The Mitchells Vs. The Machines, the Ron’s Gone Wrong official trailer is here. The new animated movie from 20th Century Studios sees a world where having a robo-friend is all the rage. And while the trailer starts out kind of formulaic, it actually ends up endearing itself to me by the end. Not to mention looking like a great family comedy with a cute robot lead. So check out my thoughts on the Ron’s Gone Wrong official trailer below. 

Technology Plays A Huge Part In The Ron’s Gone Wrong Official Trailer

Ron's Gone Wrong official trailer Ron. Image via 20th Century Studios.

Ron’s Gone Wrong is all about a boy who has a severe case of FOMO. All his friends have a B-Bot, a robotic device that acts like a companion. It’s basically like if your cell phone was autonomous, could think for itself and followed you around like a pet. Without one for himself, the young boy feels like he’s missing out. But when he finally gets a B-Bot, it’s not all it’s cracked out to be. And I don’t mean that he finds his inner voice and realizes he doesn’t need one or something. The device itself is literally not functioning how it’s supposed to.

Apparently, the Bot has some missing code and wasn’t finished before delivery. This means it behaves erratically and lacks a lot of the functions and features of a regular Bot. While this might not seem like a big deal, imagine when your phone software is 2-3 versions behind the current update and starts acting all buggy and glitchy. Now imagine your phone is a free-wheeling robot that can cause some serious damage. Both physically and to your social life and reputation in his world. It’s a dangerous combo!

Ron’s Gone Wrong Official Trailer Features A Cute Robot

Ron's Gone Wrong official trailer Fiasco. Image via 20th Century Studios.

Trying to deal with his defective B-Bot, the boy soon realizes that his uniqueness is what makes Ron so special. And then they’re on a mad dash to try to protect and prevent him from being destroyed as being a defective B-Bot by its manufacturer. The trailer hits all the right beats of comedy, cool animation, interesting story and something that families can enjoy together. But the main thing is the robot. The Baymax type of cute robot, that Ron is will melt hearts. Factor in the fact that he’s innocent and kind of a blank slate makes him super adorable and fans will absolutely fall in love with this bumbling and cute robot as it tries to learn about the world around him. Making spectacular mistakes along the way. 

The Ron’s Gone Wrong official trailer also features a pretty great cast. The young boy’s voice is by Jack Dylan Grazer from Shazam, and Ron is Zack Galifianakis. Comprising the supporting cast of the movie is Olivia Colman, Ed Helms, Rob Delaney and Justice Smith. 

Ron’s Gone Wrong releases in theatres on October 22. 

How cute is Ron in this new movie? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via 20th Century Studios. 


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