Red Notice Teaser Trailer: Gal Gadot Fights The Rock And Ryan Reynolds
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Gal Gadot Takes On The Rock And Ryan Reynolds In Red Notice Teaser Trailer

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BY April 16, 2022

One of the year’s most anticipated movies just released its teaser trailer. The team-up of Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot is something that Netflix hyped up for a while now. Red Notice was front and center in all of Netflix’s preview trailers and movie roundups. And now, we finally get the Red Notice teaser trailer. And despite boasting an awesome cast of likeable and amazing stars, the teaser is, unfortunately, less than impressive. 

The Red Notice Teaser Trailer Is A Polished Action-Heist Film

Red Notice teaser trailer Rock. Image via Netflix.

The Red Notice teaser trailer finally shows us what to expect from this movie. Building hype for a while now, especially if you follow The Rock’s social media, the teaser sets the stage. Looking like a glossy heist flick, Red Notice pits Johnson’s FBI agent against two criminals in Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. While the art thief that Rock is after is Gadot, Reynolds is seemingly the other (smaller time) criminal that’s going to help him. For some reason—it doesn’t matter why! All that matters is that’s the three biggest stars in the world coming together for a Netflix original blockbuster, unlike any other. 

Gadot is searching for another franchise hit after Wonder Woman 1984 and her part in the Fast & Furious movies. Reynolds is fresh off the summer’s biggest hit so far in Free Guy. And The Rock, churning out blockbuster after blockbuster, is gearing up for Black Adam while revelling in the success of the recent Jungle Cruise and its sequel announcement. So on paper, this whole thing sounds like an amazing action entertainer that is sure to do big numbers for Netflix. But the Red Notice teaser trailer kind of undermines all of that by being very… flat. I’ll explain. 

Red Notice Teaser Trailer Doesn’t Live Up To The Hype

Red Notice teaser trailer Gadot. Image via Netflix.

Everything about the Red Notice teaser trailer is kind of ‘meh.’ The trailer begins with Rock’s voiceover about the premise. ‘Red Notice’ is a classification given to really really bad criminals; ones whom only The Rock can bring in. Sure. Now, before I get too harsh, this is a teaser trailer, but that’s also the caveat I’m judging this with. A teaser has it really easy: some awesome shots, some great action sequences, and it doesn’t really even need dialogue. But none of those aspects of this teaser hit the mark. At least not for me. 

The action that we’ve seen in the teaser looks good. Not great, just good, with Gadot getting the best sequence of owning the two men. Rock seems to be playing it very straight here, seemingly saddled with Reynold’s wacky comic relief character. Gadot seems like the one with the most charm, which is not surprising. But it’s the two others, around whom this movie was hyped, that end up having no impact. It feels like the trailer itself doesn’t have faith in the power of the film to stand on its own. 

Is Ryan Reynolds Tired After Free Guy?

Red Notice teaser trailer Reynolds. Image via Netflix.

Yes, I realize the production schedule and release of Free Guy and Red Notice weren’t in sequential order, but I wanted to make the joke. Because it honestly feels like Reynolds is phoning it in. First of all, the buddy cop duo element isn’t even on point here. Reynolds has very minimal screen time compared to the other two. He does get most of the one-liners, but they don’t really land. At all. Even the song choice does nothing to get me excited, and I’m a sucker for bad action movie trailers with bangers in the background. 

Let’s Be Fair To Red Notice

Red Notice teaser trailer Featured.

Now, let’s be fair, this is the teaser trailer. And despite the marketing intention, sometimes a trailer doesn’t live up to or adequately represent the quality of a movie. That may be the case here as well. It can just be a bad trailer. But given that Reynold’s last big Netflix blockbuster, 6 Underground, had similar vibes and then heavily disappointed, it’s difficult to get optimistic about Red Notice. At least, just yet. Hopefully, a full trailer will focus more on the better parts of the movie. At worst, this trailer can help lower expectations for the movie, leaving audiences pleasantly surprised when they see it, rather than disappointed it didn’t live up to the hype.

Red Notices releases on Netflix on November 12.

Did you enjoy the Red Notice teaser trailer, and am I just being too negative here? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 


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