Ray Fisher Allegations Against Geoff Johns Reveales In New Tweets
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Ray Fisher’s Crusade Of Accountability Now Focuses On Geoff Johns

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BY August 14, 2020

The Justice League movie was already pretty controversial with its below expectations box office and critical performance. Addition scandal ensued as fans demanded and then succeeded in getting the original director’s version released. But now, a new controversy takes hold as one of the movie’s stars reveals inappropriate behavior during the reshoots. The Ray Fisher allegations against Geoff Johns recounts threats against the young actor’s career.

Ray Fisher Exposes Inappropriate Behaviour On Justice League

Ray Fisher allegations against Geoff Johns JLA Image via Warner Bros.

It all started with Ray Fisher tweeting out about how Joss Whedon’s behavior on the set of Justice League was ‘gross’ and ‘inappropriate’. Whedon took over the direction of Justice League after the original director, Zack Snyder, departed due to a personal tragedy. After the failure of the movie, ardent fans demanded to see Snyder’s original vision. While the Justice League Snyder Cut is releasing soon on HBO Max, Fisher seeks accountability for everything that happened when Whedon took over. 

Fisher followed up on the allegations against Joss Whedon during Justice Con, as he promised proof. The Cyborg actor remains intentionally vague about the accusations, but chalks it up to legal restrictions that prevent him from releasing details. Previously, Fisher mentioned that WB executives enabled Whedon’s behavior. Now Fisher details which executive and what kind of behaviour it was. 

Fisher Allegations Against Geoff Johns Revealed In New Tweets

With a new tweet, Fisher focuses on DC Films executive Geoff Johns. Johns began as a prolific comic book writer who revamped many of DC Comics characters like the Flash and created new ones like Stargirl. Climbing up the ladder, Johns eventually got to Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment. Johns was largely responsible for rewriting much of Justice League, even before Snyder exited the project. 

In the tweet, Fisher claims that after following the proper chain of command to get his complaints heard, Johns pulled him aside to his office. During that interaction, Johns allegedly belittled and admonished Fisher’s grievances. Following that, Fisher claims that Johns even threatened his career. Fisher’s debut role was playing Cyborg in Justice League, so he is a relative newcomer in the industry. Despite that, Fisher’s attempts to expose bad behavior by industry heavyweights, especially towards women and people of color, is bold and admirable. 

We Patiently Await Proof Of The Ray Fisher Allegations Against Geoff Johns

Ray Fisher allegations against Geoff Johns Cyborg. Image via Warner Bros.

These statements by Fisher seem to be attempts to keep the issue in the limelight. Fisher is, so far, the only person from the cast working to expose alleged abusive behavior from the replacement director and executives of Justice League. As happened with the #MeToo movement, exposure of this caliber is usually followed by additional people speaking out, corroborating the claims. But it feels like everyone involved has the same legal restrictions that Fisher alluded to previously. Only time will tell what transpired on the sets of Justice League and if any repercussions will befall those involved. 

What did you think of Ray Fisher’s allegations against Geoff Johns? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured Image via Warner Bros. 

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