Netflix's Extraction Sequel Is Already In Development By Joe Russo
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Netflix’s Extraction Sequel Is Already In Development By Joe Russo

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BY May 10, 2020

Netflix’s Extraction sequel is already in the works after the movie’s recent release. The movie is Netflix’s newest success. In my review of Extraction, I mentioned how aggressive the movie’s marketing campaign was. And now post-release, the film’s success is getting just as agressive of a strategy. The star of the movie, Chris Hemsworth himself, thanked his fans for making the film one of Netflix’s biggest openers. So a sequel only makes sense given how well the movie is doing.

Netflix’s Extraction Sequel May Or May Not Pick Up After The First Movie

Produced by the Russo Brothers, Extraction is an action-adventure movie that is a thrill ride from beginning to end. It’s John Wick-style action, delivered in an impoverished country by a one-man-army trying to rescue a kid. The deliberate military-styled gunfights, the frantic and desperate close-quarter fight sequences, and insane car chases are the main selling point of the movie. And while the story was too simplistic and bare-bones, the performances definitely made up for it. Talking to Deadline, Joe Russo, who also wrote the script for Extraction, describes where they are in the process for Netflix’s Extraction sequel. 

“The deal is closed for me to write Extraction 2, and we are in the formative stages of what the story can be. We’re not committing yet to whether that story goes forward, or backward in time. We left a big loose ending that leaves question marks for the audience.” 

How The Extraction Sequel Would Work, Given The Movie’s Ending

Fair warning, I’ll now be discussing massive spoilers for the ending of Netflix’s Extraction.

Netflix's Extraction sequel Chris Hemsworth & Sam Hargrave Images via Netflix.

Extraction was a movie about how a lone mercenary takes on a job to rescue an Indian gangster’s son from a rival gangster in another country. The mercenary was Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake and the story took place mostly in the South Asian country of Bangladesh. The rescue went sour, and as expected, Rake had to take on the entire country’s criminal underbelly, corrupt authorities, and a counterpart of his own. The ending saw Rake accomplish his mission, but at the expense of his own life. The boy was back in his comfortable life, forever changed after the violent experience, grateful to Rake for saving his life. However, the last shot of the movie sees a figure watching over the boy. The figure was not in focus, but looked mysteriously like Rake, implying he survived. 

As Joe Russo confirmed, he’s not sure whether the Extraction sequel will pick up after the events of the first movie, continuing the adventures of Rake or not. But I definitely have some ideas of where the story could go. 

What Stories The Extraction Sequel Could Focus On

Netflix's Extraction sequel bts Images via Netflix.

As mentioned earlier, Extraction has some great performances, by some amazing performers. Tyler’s backstory was pretty thin but very familiar. It was the typical action hero guy with a traumatic past who finds purpose in his latest mission, bringing closure to that past trauma. Hemsworth performed the role very well but it’s the supporting cast I’m more interested in now. 

Tyler’s handler, who got very involved in the end, was international actress Golshifteh Farahani. Rake’s relationship with her seemed close, but there was no romantic tension between the two. Farahani’s character proved later that she was adept at the action parts too, taking out a bad-guy sniper with her skills. A prequel that further expands on Tyler and her relationship would be worth exploring. And speaking of, Stranger Things David Harbour also appears in Extraction as an old acquaintance of Tyler’s. When stuck in Bangladesh, Tyler gets help from Harbour’s character. There is mention of a past favour that put him in Tyler’s debt, but it’s never expanded on. A prequel that contextualizes that friendship, even though he ends up betraying Tyler, is something I would definitely watch. 

Netflix’ Extraction Sequel Needs To Be A Prequel Spin-Off

Netflixs Extraction sequel poster. Images via Netflix.

But the story that I’m most interested in is that of Saju, the bodyguard of the kidnapped boy, who went toe-to-toe against Hemsworth the entire movie. Say eventually earned Rake’s respect, realizing the both want to protect the boy. The climax saw the two teaming up in a crazy shoot out on a bridge. Bollywood star Randeep Hooda played Saju, who is almost the second lead of Extraction. Even more so when you consider the emotional backstory and significance he got. 

A prequel spin-off exploring how an honorable man with such morals came to be in the employ of a ruthless gangster, doing his bidding, would be crazy interesting. Especially when that gangster was also played by a Bollywood star in a cameo appearance. Bring both back, as well some add some more known Hollywood faces as supporting actors, and there’s an international spin-off to a Hollywood movie that could have great appeal to a larger audience. Given how heavily Netflix is investing in the Indian market in the last 2 years, this idea could further develop that demographic.

Extraction is currently streaming on Netflix. No word yet on when the sequel will begin production. 

Are you interested in a sequel to the action extravaganza that is Extraction? What kind of a follow do you want to see; a sequel or a prequel? Let us know in the comments below. 


Shah Shahid is an entertainment writer, movie critic (so he thinks), host of the Split Screen Podcast (on Apple Podcasts & everywhere else) and filmy father on a mission to educate his girls on decades of film history. Armed with uncontrollable sarcasm and cautious optimism, Shah loves discussing film, television and comic book content until his wife’s eyes glaze over. So save her by engaging him on his own blog at or on Twitter @theshahshahid.


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