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It Chapter Two Trailer & What We Learned From SDCC

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BY February 16, 2021

San Diego Comic-Con decided to treat fans of It with a brand new It Chapter Two trailer for the upcoming sequel, as well as some exclusive clips and behind-the-scenes fun. Conan O’Brien hosted the panel, reassuring us that the sequel will be just as fun as the first, despite even more blood. In fact, apparently, 4,500 gallons of blood are in It Chapter Two! However, despite lots of scares to come, it will expand on the first film’s themes of trauma, friendship and coming together. Bill Hader, who will be playing the grown-up Richie Tozier, lets us know that it “has a beautiful story to it.” After the absolute treat of the first film, this has us hyped!

The trailer focuses on the juxtaposition of the young stars from the first film with their older counterparts in It Chapter Two. Fans of the original Stephen King book remember that the story is told by bouncing back and forth between timelines, but this version is split into separate films. This film will focus on the characters 27 years after the events of the first when both Pennywise and the gang return to Derry. The question of who would play the older version of the kids became a big cause for speculation. Director Muschietti revealed that his first choice for each character said yes to be in the sequel. This means that he had each new star in mind since the first film. Watch the trailer below for a glimpse of the new horrors we’ll be seeing this fall.


What The Panel Had To Say About The Trailer

Jessica Chastain, who plays the older Beverly Marsh, has a lot to excite us with. She talked about one particular scene that will be in the film. Apparently, a lot of those gallons of blood ended up on her. Chastain’s hope? That it’s like “Carrie on Steroids,” calling back to the 1976 film based on Stephen King’s first novel. Speaking of female-led horror flicks, Chastain finds horror films tend to portray women in a powerful light. She says women are usually the ones who get to defeat the monster at the end. Could this be a clue to the film? And, do we think it will stick to the original book ending or take a different turn to surprise fans?

An exclusive ComicCon clip shows John Carpenter’s influence on the films. Carpenter is the legendary creator of Halloween and director of The Thing. To build such a hit horror film as It has done, it has to pull some inspiration from such genre classics. This is in the exclusive new clip, where Bill Hader’s character says, “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding,” pulls straight from The Thing. He says this after a run-in with Pennywise. The killer clown drags a scarily long tongue across the glass of a funhouse maze. Pieces of this clip are in the trailer, but the exclusive clip shows even more of Pennywise’s terror-inducing antics. The panel featured Hader and Muschietti agreeing that it’s an improvised line, added during filming. Hader said that it was a “total nerd shout-out” to an iconic film within the horror genre.

Getting Our Hopes Up for It Chapter Two

Muschietti promises that we’ll get to see new scenes that took place during the events of the first chapter. And — book spoilers! — the adults don’t really remember everything that took place. This sparked fan rumors that we’ll get to see the infamous “sewer orgy” scene. Though, I think many of us will agree that it’s one scene that nobody really needs to see. Regardless, it means we’ll get to see our favorite child stars that made us fall in love with the first film. And, after Stranger Things 3, we need some more Finn Wolfhard in our lives.

It Chapter Two releases on September 6, 2019, coming from New Line Cinema. Let’s all appreciate our good nights of sleep now before we’re dreaming about clowns for months after the premiere.

The OG It Chapter Two Gang; It Chapter Two trailer Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Featured image via Warner Bros. Pictures


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