Justice League Junkie XL Score Previewed AT DC FanDome
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DC FanDome Previews The Justice League Snyder Cut’s Junkie XL Score

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BY September 13, 2020

The score of any movie is just as important to the overall experience as anything else. So when composers change during production, it definitely changes the tone of the film. And along with the incredible amount of changes between the theatrical and Justice League Snyder Cut, the score is one of the biggest. During the latest part of DC FanDome, we got a glimpse of the Justice League Junkie XL score.

How Justice League Changed Directors And More

Justice League Junkie XL score poster. Image via HBO Max.

Zack Snyder was the original director of Justice League but had to leave due to personal reasons. Avengers director, Joss Whedon took over and did many rewrites to Snyder’s script, as well as many reshoots to the movie. When Joss Whedon took over the reshoots of Justice League, one of the many changes he made was also to the score of the film.

The renowned Danny Elfman replaced the original composer of the film, Junkie XL. The Oscar-winning Elfman has done superhero themes for movies like Spider-Man as well as Batman: The Animated Series. However, Junkie XL, also known as Tom Holkenborg, had completed his version of the movie’s score before the change in directors. With the Justice League Snyder Cut on track for release on HBO Max in 2021, Junkie XL is back at the musical helm of the original cut. And at the recent DC FanDome’s second part, we got a preview of the Justice League Junkie XL score. 

Justice League Junkie XL Score Previewed At DC FanDome

As part of the second part of the DC FanDome virtual fan-event, Junkie XL showed us exactly what he was working on. With a short snippet of his Justice League score, Junkie XL gave us a quick idea of how his theme works compared to the theatrical Justice League. XL’s score sounds a lot more hopeful and optimistic than the theatrical. Although the second half of the preview is very action-packed and thrilling. We should find out the theme in context very soon with Justice League Snyder Cut releasing on HBO Max in 2021. 

So what did you think of the short Justice League score? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured Image via HBO Max. 


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